Tuesday, October 17, 2017


One more adventure for the month had us heading to the Maquoketa caves. I went several times growing up and we even went in the early days of our marriage but somehow we have managed to never go with our kids so we were way passed due. It was another gorgeous fall day and we had a great time. 

Emry started out in the carrier on my back. She was insanely grumpy so I took her out and discovered she had totally pooped. We had, of course, left all supplies in the car. So I got to hang out in the cave with the kids while Brennan ran back to the car to get the diaper stuff. We were off to a great start, haha.

With a clean diaper, a ride on the front and a steady supply of veggie straws, Emry managed to stay happy for most of the time after that.

Mother Nature showing off.

Declan had a bit of an emotional go of it there in the middle. He got his feet wet and he was hysterical about that for awhile and then he hit his head several times. Sad for him, but kind of funny when I look at this picture I just happened to take at just the right time. Poor kid.

Another fall of Declan's captured on camera. This kid isn't exactly coordinated.

After a few hours in the caves, and a few wrong turns, we headed to nearby Bluff Lake. All you can eat deep fat fried catfish? Don't mind if I do. :)
We had a bit of a wait, both for a table and my parents who were meeting up with us for dinner. We entertained ourselves by watching the ducks and playing What time is it Mr. Fox? and Red Light, Green Light.


Declan didn't eat a bite of his meal. He laid his head on the table before the food even came and zoned out looking out the window. It was only a matter of time. Kind of made for a peaceful meal.

The catfish was delicious of course and it was a fun way to end a really memorable day as a family. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

bike ride and ice cream

Another day off for Brennan gave us the opportunity to go for an awesome family bike ride. It was a beautiful day, although a bit chilly. We rode between five and six miles to a little creamery we heard about in a nearby town. We were a little unsure about how Tatum would do, but she did great! 

Dan and Debbie's, the creamery, was every bit as great as we heard it was. Super cute, really nice staff and delicious ice cream. Sooooo good. The kids are weirdos and chose the shaved ice. It was good, but who chooses that when you can have ice cream?!

It was hilarious to see Emry sitting at the little table with the kids. It made her seem so old and she totally loved it. 

Just helping herself. :)
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We tried our hand at a little family selfie. We obviously need more practice.

The five mile ride back was hard for Tatum at times but she made it!

She decided to pretend the lines on the path were sharks and she would weave in and out of them. It made me laugh to watch her, just looking so care free and taking her time. 

More beauty.
Pit stop at the park.

These types of days are what make alllllll the others worth it.
Brennan had young men's at our house that night so the kids and I hid in their room and watched a movie.
Emry is quite the stair climber these days. It's all she wants to do. All day. Every day.
Playing at Squaw Creek park. A new favorite.