Monday, November 9, 2009

Mom would be so proud

I got brave and I made cheese bread today.  It didn't appear to be rising like it should so I was pretty worried it wouldn't turn out.  But, surprisingly enough, it did.  It was just ever-so-slightly overcooked but other than that not too shabby.  My mom has some incredible kitchen skills so I think she has always been a little disappointed at my lack of them.  I know my grandpa has sure been disappointed that I haven't inherited her abilities.  But making homemade bread?  I mean, come on, she HAS to be proud of that.  I did have to call her a half dozen times in the process...but I'll still count it as an accomplishment.

I decided I'd post a little picture of something else I'm sure my mother would be proud of.  She sent this shirt for Brennan in my birthday package.  She knows him too well.  It is so fitting for his personality.