Monday, June 19, 2017

May in-betweens

Tatum's reading improves everyday. It has taken a long time but Declan has finally started letting her read to him. It's the best.
Playing with a marble run set at grandma and papa's house.
Not the best picture but that face is just too hilarious. She looks like a toothless old man!
Declan said "mom take a picture of us". Don't mind if I do. :)
More reading.
A local meteorologist visited Tatum's preschool so we got to see a picture of her class on TV. It was a pretty exciting day around here. It was pajama day so her teachers chose not to be on TV haha.
Emry just looked so sweet and cuddly one chilly morning when I had to wake her up for preschool pick up.

Kelbie came to town for about a week. Tatum really wanted to invite her to her soccer game. She didn't have long at home and I'm sure had plenty of more exciting things to do but she made Tatum's week and came to watch her play. She's the best!
We went to Palisades to enjoy the beautiful weather.

This is my "not-amused" face haha. Brennan was trying to be funny. I was not amused. :)

We had to check out Chalk the Walk in Mt. Vernon of course. The big community mural was more disappointing than usual but there was still some impressive artwork to behold.

So good!
This next one won first place.

Emry reached the 7 month mark and we had the requisite photo shoot.

There are some pictures of Emry that look super similar to my baby pictures. This is one of them.

We hung out at my parents' house for Memorial Day. The weather was perfect!
The kids tried out their new squirters and it started with a lot of tears. It's so fun to spray other people but not so fun to get sprayed. It took some time to wrap their minds around the idea that if you want to spray you have to be willing to get sprayed.
Pretty proud of himself for tormenting his sister.
Hiding out under my chair. Really she was just making herself a really easy target for her brother.

We finally gave them the task of washing the van and they were both happy with that.

The kids have been my little weed spraying helpers this spring. Love it when they love to help. Those days of warm enough weather to want to be outside but cool enough that you might want a sweatshirt already seem like ancient history. 
Declan loved helping me trim the bushes too.

We hung our baby swing in the backyard!
I recently got called to be in charge of all the Relief Society activities in my ward. My first one was in May. We did a service auction and I think it went really well. We had a great auctioneer who really made it fun.
Found this when I checked on the kids one night. Apparently penguin was giving everyone a ride somewhere.
We dusted off the bike trailer and it has been so fun! We were kind of hoping Declan would learn to ride a two wheeler this summer (about the same age Tatum learned) and we could just have Emry in the baby seat on my bike. It's not looking promising so I'm glad we have this trailer. We have had lots of fun on lots of family bike rides.
Hanging out at Tatum's last soccer practice.
Tatum's soccer group. Her coach was so good and she had a ton of fun. (She's in the front, two to the right from the coach.)
We had a bit of a storm roll through and watched from our dining room table as the wind took out our neighbor's fence. Over a month later and they still haven't fixed it. :/
Brennan had back to back work trips in May. No fun. The day he left for his first one I found these Izze's in the fridge for me with this cute/clever note. He earned major brownie points for that one. :)
Declan hard at working raking grass at my parents' house.
Emry was so tired one day I guess she gave up on me ever taking her to her crib and just passed out on my lap.
We had three days between Brennan's two work trips. Friday was preschool graduation and then a normal work day, Saturday we went to the temple and then Sunday and he was gone again. It felt like he was home for five seconds. Oh well.

A really stellar family selfie hahahahaha.
I've already forgotten why I took this picture. I guess they just looked sweet together. They have been asking to sleep in the same bed a lot lately. I kind of love how much they love each other.
Declan had a rough night one of the nights Brennan was gone. He ended up in bed with me before I ever fell asleep. He's a lot smaller than Brennan but seems to take up a lot more of the bed! ;)
A train passed by during Tatum's last soccer game. All play stopped while the kids stared in awe at the train haha. Little kids are hilarious.

Bathing babe.
More bike riding fun. Declan fell asleep on the way to the park.
We discovered a new park about 3 miles from our house. It was a great length for riding to and the park was great!

There was this little bundle of trees away from the playground and Brennan and the kids discovered that it was kind of hollowed out. It was a cute little natural fort.
Tatum has been doing the monkey bars for awhile but lately has been psyching herself out and being too nervous to do them. This park had some that were extra low but just high enough to work for her. It was perfect for her to regain her confidence!

Annnnnd Emry fell asleep on the ride home. Love these two.
Another day I walked with the kids to a park about a mile from our house. That's a long way for Declan on the balance bike and the trip home proved to be almost more than he could bear. But we made it.
A little bit of a buzz cut. I guess because it's summer but mostly because I have no idea what to do with his hair so we are just cycling through every boy haircut imaginable. haha.

Emry really loved nodding there for awhile. It was hilarious.

Tatum and Declan playing Temple Run on grandma's ipad. They sure crack themselves up sometimes.