Monday, February 22, 2010

A Weekend Full of Fish and Girls

Brennan and I welcomed four little additions to our family this weekend. And we have already had to say goodbye to three of them. It was a tough weekend. Don't worry, they were just fish. But our inability to keep them alive certainly made us realize we are NOT ready to be parents. I mean, we can't even handle fish!!

So we had my four little nieces over for a sleepover on Friday night. We decided to take them to Walmart to pick out some new fish since we only have one. Since they aren't too expensive we let each of them pick one that they could call their own. Of course, we had to have a lengthy conversation about how the fish would have to stay at our apartment. I didn't think their parents would be too happy if we returned them with four little pets. So that's how Swimmy, Nemo, Mario, and he-who-did-not-live-long-enough-to-receive-a-name came into our lives. The girls were SO excited about the new fish that they always wanted to touch them. I didn't figure it was the best thing for the fish, but I still allowed them to touch away. I think that probably contributed to their premature deaths. But the girls had fun and that's what matters! Libbie woke me up at 7:30 Saturday morning to inform me that her fish, Swimmy, left us during the night. It was sad, but since little Claire doesn't care if she has her own fish, Libbie was able to inherit hers and everyone was happy. However, when we came home Saturday afternoon after taking the girls home, we found Mario (Mallory's fish) and Claire's/Libbie's fish (who never got named) belly up. We couldn't believe it!! I guess the poking was just too traumatic for them. The good news is our first fish, Huck, as well as Mia's Nemo are still as healthy as can be. So we didn't completely fail.

Despite the depressing circumstances we still managed to have a great time this weekend. The sleepover was jam-packed with fun.
After pizza for dinner, we got to enjoy some yummy popcorn.
We got to rock out on the keyboard, and try to scare Aunt Rachel by making it sound like aliens.
We got to relax and enjoy a movie and some Wii playing, and Libbie got to get cozy in the giant love sac. She slept there all night and thought it was the greatest.
We got to "pet" the fish to our heart's content.

This video is pretty much the only evidence we have that Swimmy, Mario, and Nameless ever even existed.
We got to build awesome bugs out of K'nex with Uncle Brennan.

We got to make crazy videos with the video camera.

We also got to call Grandma and Papa on Skype, have pancakes for breakfast, and watch awesome cartoons. All-in-all I think we managed to have a pretty good time. It sure was fun to have these cute girls around for awhile. They are such a self-esteem boost! They certainly don't care if I'm worthless and can't even find a job. Mallory even said I am her favorite cousin. Nevermind the fact that I'm not actually her cousin, I'll still take the compliment!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well we had a very fun Valentine's weekend. To begin the weekend I finally got to have my clean shaven husband back. His work was having a mustache competition so he hasn't shaved in a month. We had to get one final picture before he shaved Friday night.

He shaved it into this beauty just for the day of the competition. I was not sorry to see it go.

On Saturday we went up to Salt Lake for much of the day. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, ran a few errands, and got to spend some time with Caleb, Marci, Gavin, and Henry. That night we went to the Gallivan Center for some outdoor ice skating. We rode the TRAX from Caleb's place and I realized that I would not be good at taking public transportation by myself. I was glad to have Brennan with me. Ice skating was lots of fun. Neither of us fell so we consider it quite successful. They had a few games and free hot chocolate throughout the evening.
Brennan liked to think he had fancy moves.
Here we are taking a break and enjoying some yummy hot chocolate.

On Sunday the Valentine's festivities continued. We started the day with some pink heart shaped pancakes that Brennan made.
I got Brennan some candy and tickets to Brian Regan in March. He wasn't as excited about the tickets as I was hoping, but maybe as the date approaches that will change... Among other things, Brennan got me this fish for Valentine's.

For the time being we have chosen to name him Huck. That is subject to change. After all, he's just a fish, it's not as if he is going to be confused if we change his name. :)

To continue the heart shaped trend, and the long standing Cardon tradition, I made some heart shaped pizza for dinner. It was rather delicious if I must say so myself.
And we ended the day with some chocolate covered strawberries and grapes. They were delicious...and nutritious? Maybe not...but oh well.
All-in-all it was a fantastic weekend. Just nice to relax and enjoy some time together.
I just had to throw in this random picture. Last week we were at Nathan and Stacy's one night and Brennan was giving Mallory and Claire a double leg ride. It was just too cute so I had to take a picture...and post it here for your enjoyment. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

On day one, he stumbled through hello... the hallway at church. (not on fifth avenue :)). It is February 8th. One year ago today Brennan and I met at church. It is amazing to me how much life can change in such a short amount of time. I am so grateful that he decided to say hi to me and made the decision to spend his time with me everyday since. It has been a good year.

Our first picture together, one week after we met.