Sunday, January 31, 2016

a little Christmas in Singapore

I guess it's time to stop procrastinating and get some blog posts done. We were in Singapore for less than half of the month of December but we tried to experience a little bit of their Christmas festivities before we left. One night we went down to Gardens by the Bay with the Taylors for the Winter Wonderland. There wasn't a lot to it but the weather was rather pleasant and the company was great so we had a good evening.

A nice action shot Brennan got of Annabelle mid jump. :)

The pictures of these three are just killing me right now. We miss our best friends so much!

Not sure why Tatum is looking so glum...
but thankfully she managed to turn that frown upside down haha.
This was the awesome bubble snow. Not really that impressive. Apparently there are better places for this particular attraction in Singapore.
Not sure what Tatum is doing here...

The bubbles were a listed event so I was expecting some serious bubbles. Nope. Just a few bubbles coming out of something that totally looked like a nasty trash can. Awesome.
We stayed for the light show which is always fun. It was Christmas-themed and I actually prefer the normal show but it was still enjoyable.

Those blue eyes. And that tan. We are all pasty white already thanks to moving back to winter.

We ended our time at the gardens with this trick art attraction. Catherine and I got a real kick out of watching Brennan and Joel work out this pose with the kids. We obviously don't get out much because we really thought it was hilarious.
The kids were crazy while we waited for the MRT.
Brennan fruitlessly trying to get them to quiet down a bit. Our efforts are really half-hearted when they are having so much fun, let's be honest.
Our other Christmas activity was Pedestrian Night on Orchard Road. The kids got to see Santa which was definitely the highlight. The rest of the time was just spent walking around enjoying the decorations. 

And that pretty much wraps up our little bit of the Christmas season in Singapore. Just a few days later we were on a plane back to Iowa.