Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Brennan bought pumpkins for us to carve quite awhile ago. We discovered recently that the smaller one was starting to look not-so-healthy, so we decided it was probably time to carve them. We gutted them first and roasted the seeds so we could have a snack while we worked. :) Neither of us have ever roasted pumpkin seeds before, but luckily it seems to be pretty fool proof so they were edible.
Here is Brennan getting the process started.
At this point I was starting to get annoyed with Brennan's vicious carving methods which were causing the table to shake rather violently.
The finished products.
I'm not sure why my face is like that.
Our glowing masterpieces.
This was my first time being the primary carver of any pumpkin, but I would say it was slightly succesful. It was certainly fun. Our pumpkins are now precariously balancing on the railing on our balcony, so hopefully it doesn't get too windy.

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  1. How exciting. I love carving pumpkins. It's the best. I don't know what kind of up-bringing you had though...your first time carving a pumpkin by yourself. Sounds like neglect to me. After hearing that you definitely can't say a thing about us not having Christmas lights on our house.