Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brennan's Trip

Last weekend Brennan's step brother, Brad, got married in Mesa, Arizona. Since I already had my trip planned to see Mara, we just decided to have my trip coincide with the wedding. But between school, two new jobs, and the expense of a ticket, we didn't think we were going to be able to get Brennan there. I was just going to have to represent. :) However, he was able to work everything out with his jobs and bid on a ticket on Friday morning. He got in incredibly late on Friday night, but was there for the wedding on Saturday which is what was important.

Brad and Laurie, the happy couple.
Me and Brennan at the Mesa temple.
Dustin and Quinton looked a little like twins. So we had to take a picture.
During his short trip Brennan was even able to squeeze in some baby time. Little Jade with Uncle Brennan.
Because of their missions, Brad and Brennan haven't seen each other in over four years. Brennan was so excited to be able to see him again, and it was great for me to be able to meet him. It was neat to be there to share in Brad and Laurie's big day.
Quinton and Brennan

I am so glad Brennan got to be in Arizona for the wedding and spend the entire weekend with his family. He had a lot of fun.

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