Monday, September 19, 2011

learning to celebrate

Well I am going to take a brief opportunity to make a big, or not so big, deal about an accomplishment of Brennan's. The poor guy doesn't get a lot of slack from me. He works super hard at both work and school and pretty much always pulls it off successfully. That combined with the fact that I've sort of always been a perfectionist myself, causes me to be a stick in the mud. I tend to never make a big deal over his successes, big or small. But this last week we had a little bit of a surprise. He just finished at Kirkwood this summer and started at the University of Iowa this fall. Brennan made sure to take the right classes to result in an Associates degree because it would make transferring to Iowa much more smooth. So when we got a package from Kirkwood we just assumed it was his diploma. We weren't wrong, but there were two! That's right, without even meaning to, Brennan managed to earn two Associates degrees.

Granted, this is not his end goal and there have been a fair amount of jokes made about these degrees. But it's a step and an accomplishment nonetheless, and I think I need to do better about recognizing the small steps along the way. And celebrating them! I mean we are supposed to enjoy the journey right? So good job Brennan! Two degrees down, two to go! :)


  1. That is pretty much awesome!!! I miss you Rach!

  2. wahoo! great job Brennan. I think you should frame both of them in your future accounting office. That would look really impressive. I'd be impressed.