Tuesday, October 25, 2011

older and wiser

I had a birthday. Boy, am I getting old. I really did used to think that 24 sounded so old and mature. I am a disgrace to the 24th year because I certainly don't act mature enough to be this old. I think I am just now getting to the point where birthdays just aren't that big of a deal to me. Maybe I am a little old to have just reached that point, but nonetheless it is sort of a sad and depressing point to get to. I miss being so excited for my birthday I could hardly stand it. But even without as much excitement it is still nice to have a day of your own.

My birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, which is just sort of a lame day for a birthday if you ask me. At least when you have a husband in school it is. Needless to say the celebration wasn't huge, but it was still very nice and much needed. Brennan didn't do any homework or studying and we didn't have to feel guilty about it! That was probably the best present I got. Spending that much time with him seems to be a rarity these days. He made me a sweet video so we watched that together and then I opened the gifts he gave me and we headed out to eat. After dinner we stopped at a couple of stores and browsed together and then we headed home for some ice cream cake, games, a walk, and clay creations. It might not have been extravagant or expensive, but it was sure relaxing and fun.

Me and the Mr.:
Duke decided to pose with me, my big pregnant belly, and my stash of gifts:
The clay Brennan got really stained your hands, especially the green:
Brennan's "Barney in Reverse":
Sometimes Brennan is just like a little kid, and sometimes it's kind of funny:
Brennan got right to work with the clay. He made the reverse Barney, a pig, some sort of tree, and I think the list goes on. It was creation after creation. And he kept getting annoyed that I hadn't made anything, but was just messing around with my clay instead. At one point he said, "who is going to sit down and play with our kids and teach them how to do this?!" I just stared at him. Clearly he will. I have no creative juices in my veins. But to appease the poor guy, I finally came up with a beautiful robot. (because he needed something that could fight his dinosaur. duh.)

Here's the big fight about to unfold:
Haha, don't worry, we weren't complete dorks for too long. We eventually played a real game and had some yummy cake. (And we didn't actually have the clay figures fight. He just wanted a pictures of all of them.)
Thanks to everyone who made my birthday great. From the phone calls to the gift left on the porch to the facebook posts, I appreciated it all. It was a good day. :)


  1. Glad that you had a great day. I agree that Wednesday is not the greatest day for a birthday. :-) I always feel like midweek makes it uneventful.

  2. I love that Duke is in the picture! You always make me laugh with your posts.

  3. Duke!! haha! he looks way too excited. Rachel, your robot is the bomb. He could take down Barney with his pinky. Wednesdays are stinky birthday days. Is that an ice cream cake? yum yum yum!

  4. Wait. Did you say on here that you're pregnant? What? Congrats Rachel! How far along are you?

  5. Haha, yes I think I did make a reference to my huge belly. I'm about 34 weeks along, due December 15th. Thanks, we are super excited! How is Arizona treating you?