Friday, February 22, 2013

dad's idea of fun

Tatum puts up with a lot from her crazy parents that may or may not look a little bit like torture. Trust me, it's always Brennan's idea AND he always executes it. I am just the observer. Plus I might laugh a little. And take pictures. But it's pretty much all him. :)

I think I will mostly let the pictures speak for themselves.

This one was probably the meanest but also the funniest.

This one wasn't even cruel. We just stopped halfway through getting her dressed for church.
She didn't mind at all, she even struck a pose. :)

She thought this one was pretty cool at first. But then she couldn't get the monkey out and got really angry.

So in years to come when Tatum is completely a daddy's girl I guess I will show her these pictures and tell her all about how mean her dad was and how I always saved the day. :)

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