Tuesday, July 23, 2013

grandma and papa

So I'm super behind on blogging...again. But I started this post about a month ago so I figure I'll start by finishing it. Blogging begets more blogging so I just have to get myself to post something.

This post was a little tribute to Tatum's two favorite people, Grandma and Papa. Life is always better when they are around. I can't say that I blame her for feeling that way. Just check out these pictures and you will see that they are way more fun than boring old mom and dad.

At Grandma's house she gets to sit on the counter and eat yogurt bites while Grandma cooks.

Grandma doesn't even make her hold the banana herself!
They are much more fun at the park. Papa took Tatum for her first spin on this toy (I have no idea what it is called.)
And Grandma added to the fun by having Tatum try it laying down. Funniest thing ever.
Pretending to sleep with Grandma.
Driving a firetruck.

I think she might even be thinking that Grandma's hair is more fun to play with, which if you know Tatum that's really saying something!
Papa will lay down and try to take a nap with you, instead of making you take one alone.
Watching the Vocal Point concert in Nauvoo.

Papa plays a whispering game with a pool noodle. So fun.

Now in case all those photos weren't proof enough check out these videos.

This is Tatum laughing at Grandma in the car. Really all my mom was doing was looking at her, but it couldn't have been more funny. Why aren't I so hilarious?
Grandma even did a whole balance beam routine at the playground. What could be more fun?
And driving the firetruck. Hours of entertainment, I tell you.

This post is really just meant to document some of the photos I have managed to get of Tatum with my parents. They aren't big picture takers and aren't super keen on being in pictures but I try to catch some of these moments so we can look back on them. In all seriousness I am so grateful that Tatum loves them so much. I feel so lucky to live close to them right now, allowing Tatum to know them and interact with them. And I am so grateful to them for loving her, being great examples and taking an interest in her. They really are the best parents and grandparents a girl could ask for!

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