Wednesday, June 18, 2014


About a month ago Brennan graduated!! Our entire married life he has been a full time student and he is finally finished! Unfortunately, he will be busy studying for and taking the CPA exam over the next few months so we aren't exactly feeling the freedom yet, but soon. 

Brennan's mom and dad were both able to make it into town for the festivities and we appreciate them making the effort to be there. And Tatum was in heaven having two grandmas around to spoil her. :)

 My mom got this cake for Brennan but unfortunately graduation took so dang long that no one felt like eating any by the time we got home. But we all ate it the next day so it wasn't wasted.
 Why is it so hard to take a decent picture? It just never works out the way I envision it. My parents got Brennan a frame for his degree with a place for a picture too and I totally imagined this great shot of him in his cap and gown and the three of us in our black and gold, but we couldn't get anything decent. And we had about 10 cameras aimed at us. (Slight exaggeration but it was a lot.)

 Brennan with his classmate, Zack.

 Brennan and his dad.
 These two have been great supporters and cheerleaders for Brennan over the last 5 years. We definitely wouldn't have made it without them. Thanks mom and dad!
Congratulations Brennan! We are so proud of you and all you accomplished.

He has been working full time for two and half weeks now and seems to be enjoying it. It has been strange not having him around as much but we are all adjusting.


  1. Such a good feeling to have this part behind you! Congrats to both of you for surviving!

  2. Congrats to all of you! Sorry you have to adjust to life of a working dad who still has to just doesn't seem fair! You guys looked darling in your Hawkeye colors!