Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bali day 2: the bike tour

Friday was our bike tour, the only thing about this trip that we actually planned before we left. :) There are about a million bike tour companies in Bali and trying to choose was sort of difficult as they all seem to offer essentially the exact same tour. We went with Halo Bike Tours, and we are very happy we did.

Tatum was excited for this adventure.
The first stop was a coffee plantation. Not exactly our thing, since we don't drink coffee, but it turned out to be pretty interesting. And certainly beautiful. Wayan was our tour guide. His english was amazing and he took an interest in Declan right from the start and Declan was stuck to him like glue the rest of the time. This is really quite miraculous as Declan has been a massive mama's boy lately, it was even more apparent on this trip.

Luwak coffee is apparently a very famous coffee from Bali. This cat-like animal eats the coffee bean and then poops and they make the coffee from its poop. Sickening. But it is expensive and supposedly good. Hard to believe.
Other spices and things they grow there.
The many stages of the coffee bean.

So beautiful.

There was taste testing after our tour. We just tried the hot chocolate and a couple of the herbal teas.
Tatum's reaction to the hot chocolate. It was quite dark.

The lemon tea got a better rating from her. :)
They had these little cracker/candies on the table and our kids ate about 27 packets a piece while we were there and then Wayan filled their pockets with more when it was time to go. I'm a pretty awesome mom, just letting them shovel them in when I have no idea what they are or what is in them. Kept them quiet though. :)

Tatum's favorite activity in the van, looking out the back window.
It was a nice view.
Our next stop was breakfast overlooking Mt. Batur, an active volcano. It erupted in the 60s and you can see where the land is black from that. Wayan said they expect it will take another hundred years for regrowth.

Breakfast was nothing to write home about. A Balinese pancake (some sort of unappealing cross between an American pancake and a Thai pancake. Very disappointing) and a cold omelette, with a little bit of fruit. The options for drink were coffee or tea, which we don't drink. But Delcan loved the mini bananas, so there's that.
I am not an expert photographer. You can either see the people, but have no idea there is a volcano behind them or...
you can see the volcano but their faces are dark. Oops.
It was so breezy and cool up there. So refreshing!

After breakfast it was time to go get our bikes. I thought the kids looked pretty cute in their little helmets.

Every village has to build three temples, one is reserved for the founders villages and is always built on the mountain end of the village. Another is for the spirits that protect and bless villagers in their every day lives and the last one  the temple of the dead which is usually found near the graveyard and on the sea end of the village.

Here is one village temple below the road we were riding on.
Stopping for some village information.

At one point we came to a huge hill. No one ended up making it up the hill, we all had to get off and walk. But something about the effort to try to get up that hill made me feel very sick. My stomach had been churning pretty much all day, something I ate didn't agree with me. But at the top of that hill when we stopped for a break and some water I just felt awful. Everyone was nice and just hung out while I sat down for awhile. Wayan took Declan back down the hill a ways to keep him distracted and happy (and away from me). And they spotted this lizard which the kids thought was awesome.

Brennan asked Wayan if there would be a toilet anywhere along the way and he said just the bushes. Pretty sure I didn't want to do my business in the bushes hahahahaha. So I got back on the bike and we were off. Wayan insisted on taking the bike with Declan so Brennan could take Tatum (she wouldn't ride with anyone besides us) and I could have the single rider. I really wasn't worn out just sick, but I wasn't going to argue.

Workers in a rice field.

Before too much longer we were done with the bike ride. Then it was time to head to Yogi's house. Yogi is Wayan's cousin and boss. They have two cats which kept the kids happy and entertained. And they have an absolutely beautiful home. They also run a small bed and breakfast within their compound that looked much nicer than our hotel. Wish we would have known!
Yogi's parents' sleeping quarters.
Every Balinese compound has a temple. The next few pictures are of their temple.

Yogi's wife prepared the most delicious lunch and then played with and kept an eye on Declan when he lost interest in eating. They were all such nice, lovely people.

Brennan was really into taking pictures of his food this trip. ;)
Declan loved the noodles.
I'm sure these poor cats were happy to see us go.

Lunch. Even the presentation was beautiful.

We aren't very good at remembering to ask people to take pictures for us so we can all be in them. Luckily Wayan thought to offer a few times.
Oh Wayan. He is what made this tour amazing. Their website says you will go in the rice fields and learn about the planting and harvesting of rice. And also see a traditional Balinese compound. Well we didn't go into the fields which we were disappointed about and I wouldn't exactly call Yogi's compound traditional, just because he is clearly quite well off. I don't think the average compound looks like his. Despite feeling like a few things didn't go quite as we expected we just can't regret choosing Halo Bike Tours because of Wayan. He was kind and funny and entertaining. He made the day great for us.

Wayan had to leave lunch a little bit early to go teach English to some of the village kids at a little school right in front of Yogi's house. So we stopped by to say goodbye on our way out and Brennan and Tatum got to help the kids practice their English for a few minutes. We would have loved to spend more time with them.

We went for swim in our hotel pool when we got back.

Before we got out to the pool the kids were being crazy on the bed and Declan fell of right on his head on the tile floor. It sounded quite painful. Then in the water he didn't have his floaty on at first and walked straight off the edge of the shallow area and went under. I was right there so I pulled him right up but he was quite shocked. The poor guy had a rough 30 minutes.
We headed out to find a treat after our swim and walked by the monkey forest.

There is so much detail and intricacy in so much that the Balinese people do. Like this flower arrangement floating in water. So beautiful.
This little girl was very excited to see kids in her mom's shop. :)

We found some ice cream and everyone was happy about that. :)
This was pretty much how every day in Bali ended. Both kids had to be touching me to fall asleep. Bear in mind that Brennan is hands down more fun than me, a pretty involved dad, and he is actually around a lot because he doesn't work crazy hours so it's not like they aren't used to him. What is going on?! Sometimes it's enough to make me feel claustrophobic. But I do try to take my parents' advice to enjoy it. Even though I hate when they say that to me I know they are right and one day I will think wow, that went by too fast. :)

Day 2 in Bali was a good day!

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  1. Coffee made out of POOP?! I just lost my appetite. But tatums face after she tried that dark hot chocolate made my day. I've heard a lot about how cool Bali is. I'm glad you got to go, or at least took the initiative. That's a lot of traveling!