Thursday, October 29, 2015

Caleb comes to Singapore

We had another visitor! My brother, Caleb, came to see us for about 6 days. His wife was kind enough to hold down the fort with their four boys, allowing him to come. Thanks Marci!

Six days isn't much time to see Singapore, and since we cut that down to just 3 days because of a trip to Vietnam we really had to hit the ground running. His flight got in around noon and we let him unpack, shower and chill for a bit before heading out. Our first stop was Chinatown. He did a little souvenir shopping, we saw the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, etc. 
Unfortunately, the restaurant we had hoped to eat at in Chinatown was closed. So we headed down to the bay to meet up with Brennan.

We ate dinner at Din Tai Fung before heading to Gardens by the Bay. The kids were crazy and we left quite a mess behind us from Declan playing with the water. Whatever keeps them happy, right?
Some guy offered us a ride on a little train thing. The kids thought it was awesome, but the ride was hardly long enough to make it worth it.
The Gardens by the Bay never disappoint.

Brennan and the kids found some frogs in the grass which they pretty much thought was the greatest thing ever.
When I saw this picture after Brennan took it I totally laughed. If that doesn't scream 'Cardon' I don't know what does. It looks like we hardly even know each other!

We walked across the Helix bridge after the light show.
On Wednesday the kids and I took Caleb to MacRitchie for the Tree Top Walk. We saw some monkeys but there weren't nearly as many as usual, which was disappointing, but there were still enough to freak me out. ;) There were also hardly any other people there, which was really nice. You win some, you lose some I guess. :) 

We found some shy plants to show Caleb at the start of the hike.

Tatum was really excited to climb on this tree like she did with Papa.
Declan got tired of the carrier but wasn't too sure about Caleb carrying him.
We made it. Getting to the Tree Top Walk seemed quicker and easier than last time and I was feeling pretty proud of us. :) But then the hiking out/down part came and seemed to keep going and going. And Declan got grumpier and grumpier. It was not my favorite.

What is it about this bridge that makes Declan so darn ornery? He seriously turns into a monster as soon as we step foot on it.

So many stairs! Something about having Declan on my back makes stairs the worst. My calves were so dang sore for at least a week.
After the hike we dragged our sweaty selves to see the cinnamon man.
Unfortunately, after this next picture was taken Caleb got off the bus and left the bag full of his cinnamon man purchases sitting on the floor of the bus! We are still attempting to get a hold of the transit company to see if they have it. If there's anywhere it would be turned in it would be in Singapore. So here's hoping!
We got home and got cleaned up and while I got the kids in bed Brennan and Caleb went out for some chili crab and bullfrog legs.

The next morning we headed for Vietnam!

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