Thursday, June 30, 2016


March. Man it feels like that was a long time ago. But it's time to start catching up. I'm not sure I could really tell you anything we did if it weren't for a few pictures we took. So I'll tell the story of our March using our pictures.

We were still living with my parents, much to their chagrin I'm sure. We dyed Easter eggs together.

The kids got Easter baskets with the usual candy and a book.

We tried to take some pictures of the kids in their cute Easter outfits. With a two year old and this first face you can kind of guess how well that went.

Close. This one is so so close.

But this one is probably my favorite. It was a cool and rainy day so they weren't excited about being outside for any pictures. I'm not sure how Brennan managed to nab this one but I'm so glad he did.
Declan and Papa were twinners. I have a lighter version of this picture somewhere but I can't seem to locate it.
Brennan had a birthday. 29! He's getting to be an old man. We didn't do a lot to celebrate, I'm embarrassed to say. I made him his favorite cake and the dinner he requested. And we did get to go out to lunch together without the kids which was fun.
It was still snowy at some point in March and we put Tatum to work doing the shoveling. I took pictures from the comfort of the house. Haha.

I picked up cross stitching. I cross stitched some pretty simple things when I was quite young but recently came across these adorable family portraits and had to give it a shot. It has been a really fun hobby.
On a warmer day in March we headed out to Palisades Park for some exploration.

We looked at a lot of houses in March. Just like we did in December. And January. And February. We rewarded the kids with some park time after one showing.
My mom has this little orange chair that's just a lawn ornament. I think it's supposed to have a potted plant on it or something. But my kids LOVE to sit in it. It really is the perfect size.
On another beautiful March day we took a drive to Dubuque with Grandma and Papa during Papa's spring break. Unfortunately Eagle point park was still closed for the season so we just played at a playground by the Mississippi River and did plenty of throwing rocks in the water.

I was introduced to Jamberry nails sometime in February or March. I hosted an online party and then ordered quite a few. I got some junior ones for Tatum. She is kind of a wimp about having to put heat on them so we don't do them often. They sure are cute though!
Double piggy back ride to bed!
I took the kids to a Lego party at the library. This was actually the same day we went and saw what would be our new house for the first time. I was worried the kids would be too young for the Lego day, especially Declan. But they really loved it! They could have stayed all day!
Tatum's fire station creation. She did everything but the cars completely on her own. :)
We went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Cedar Rapids.

My dad had a birthday in March as well and I made homemade apple pies for him. I am no pie maker. But I really do find it fun as long as I give myself enough time to not feel stressed out. They aren't real pretty but I thought they tasted good.

We took the kids to free night at the mall in Coralville. As many carousel rides as they could stomach. They were in heaven!
Hanging out with these two cheeseballs at the Costco food court.

They hit the jack pot at the Mt. Vernon Easter egg hunt. Tatum even won a board game!

Egg wars!
We attended many of Caden's track meets. Declan would wave to him every time he came around the track and then would always turn around in frustration and say "he not saying hi to me!". He couldn't quite grasp the concept that maybe he was concentration on the race.
I don't even remember why we took these pictures. Probably to send to Brennan while he was at work. They are certainly winners.

And that was March, in no particular order. A pretty low key month for us, but really that is a blessing.

Videos from March:

This video probably seems short and pointless and more or less a mistake. Which I suppose it was. But I have to include because of Brennan's evil laugh.

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  1. Well it's about time! I miss seeing these faces! All the Easter pictures are cute. And you need to teach me how to make apple pie. Can't wait for more updates. :)