Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Tatum's birthday

Tatum had a birthday! I can't believe I have a five year old. How did this happen?! We started out with the breakfast of her choice, french toast. And then I took her to preschool. I have to sign her in at a kiosk inside the front door every day. When I punched in our number it started playing music and showed this happy birthday message. Tatum was totally awed. How did they know?? :)
Tatum chose granola bars as her special snack to bring to preschool. We got chocolate covered chocolate chip bars. Why on earth would I think there were peanuts in that kind?? I sure don't know why. But apparently they do. So they couldn't pass them out until they brought the kids to the foyer for pick up. And announced my stupidity to all the parents. So embarrassing! 

Next up we met up with Brennan at Capriotti's for lunch. 

I had to include this picture just because of the way Declan is looking at Brennan. Too sweet.
Tatum got to open her present from Declan after lunch. Declan was so excited to give it to her and they were kind enough to strike this adorable pose for me.
Tatum got to choose our afternoon activity and she chose the Wii, which we just recently started using again. Here she is going for a run. :)
Sweet sisters.

The festivities continued in the evening with my parents and the Eskelsens coming over. Tatum chose white chicken chili and breadsticks for dinner. 

She got spoiled with presents.
 And Brennan made her the requested Trolls cake.

 I love that we managed to catch her genuine initial reaction to a gift. This one was a Skye piggy bank from grandma and papa.
 Blowing out the candles...
 ...and a little harder.
 Building her new Legos with Brennan the day after her birthday.
We forgot to do pictures with the Happy Birthday sign so that happened a few days later.

 Tatum at age 5 is delightful. Not always, of course. But she is kind, often to a fault when it comes to her brother. She is inquisitive. Sometimes her questions start to drive me bonkers, especially when I don't know the answer or the question simply doesn't have an answer. I try to remember her curiosity is a good thing. Tatum is intelligent and loves to learn. She is insanely good at cleaning up. She is funny, stubborn, crazy and we couldn't love her more. Happy 5th birthday Tatum!

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  1. Happy birthday Tatum!! (Late) isn't birthday #5 surreal? It seems different than the other birthdays because it's like they're first "big kid" birthday. All of a sudden you're not a mom of just little kids anymore. Ah! Awesome cake. Tatum's smiles are the best.