Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trying to be a Glow Worm

Being happy is a skill...and I'm not always good at it. It is surprisingly difficult to be happy sometimes. I am sort of ashamed to say that given the fact that I have so much to be happy about. My life is pretty darn good and easy. And yet I can still find things to complain about and reasons to be unhappy.

In our institute class last week we talked a lot about being happy. It struck me that being happy is a choice I make every day. In my search for a job the last couple of weeks I have found myself feeling pretty down. Looking for a job is never fun. It was alarming how grumpy I could be by the time Brennan got home in the afternoon, even though he was the one at school and work all day. Since institute last week, however, I have been trying to focus more on being happy. I have been trying to use the extra time I have had to do other things besides ONLY looking for a job. So I've had time to make an entire scrapbook of our wedding, I've done some much needed deep cleaning around the apartment, and I've been able to read much more than I usually can. Focusing on the things I have been able to get done and the extra time I have had to spend with Brennan helps me stay happy. Why would I ever choose to focus on the negative things?

Well, here's a poem our institute director shared with us at the end of class. Brennan and I really liked it.

I'd like to be a glow worm
A glow worm's never glum
For how can you be gloomy
When the sun shines out your bum?

So...I'm trying to be a glow worm. :)

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  1. How perfect for me today huh? I don't remember the last time I felt this unhappy.