Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our First Christmas

Before break, Brennan and I took a break from studying for finals to go see the lights at the temple in Salt Lake with Nathan and Stacy and Caleb and Marci and all the kids. I was a bit chilly but a fun time nonetheless.

Right after finishing up with finals Brennan and I made the long trek to Iowa for Christmas. Lucky for us the weather cooperated and we made it there in one piece. Every year for Christmas my family does the 12 days of Christmas for a couple of families where we leave things on their doorstep every night with a cheesy little poem. We got to participate in the last few days of these deliveries. Nothing too exciting happened during the nights we got to help, but it was still a good time.

Here is a picture of Caden and Brennan all disguised for the deliveries. Crazy boys. Caden knew two of the families pretty well and if they saw him he didn't want them to recognize him.

My sister's kids didn't get out of school until after we were back. So we got to go eat lunch with all three of them and got to enjoy two freezing cold elementary school recesses. The kids were great to invite us. Hopefully we didn't embarrass them too much. We also got to see 9-year-old Caden's school play. He was Santa. We couldn't have been a prouder aunt and uncle.

Here he is all decked out. He was the best Santa I have ever seen!

It was mine and Brennan's first Christmas together. I think I speak for both of us when I say it couldn't have been better. We had so much fun with my parents and my sisters and their families. It was just great to all be together. It was fun to see Brennan as part of my family as well. I'm glad to have him.

Here is our wonderful tree on Christmas morning. Plenty of gifts to go around that is for sure.

My beautiful mom. We had so much fun together. And that video camera in her hand....she and dad gave all of the couples one of those. We have already had tons of fun with it!

Opening presents.

Brennan opening the Wii I got him. I was pretty paranoid that he was going to find out and it wouldn't even be surprise. But this is the expression I captured as he was opening it...looks pretty genuine to me. :)

Rich, Crystal, Kelbie, Caden, and Macy came over after they finished opening their gifts at home. Brennan and I had Crystal and Rich in the gift rotation this year. Here is Rich opening one of the gifts we got him:

Mara and I got Dad some neat Crocs. He looks pretty excited doesn't he? haha.

My mom, being the awesome Grandma that she is, made all the grandkids Snuggies. She made her own pattern for them, however, and I think hers far surpasses the regular Snuggies. Although Kelbie wouldn't cooperate, we got Caden and Macy to model them for us.

Here are Brennan and Caden enjoying Brennan's gift together later on Christmas day.

In my home town there is a street they block off during the winter so kids can go sledding. It is only a few blocks from our house so we took a late night sledding trip. Or rather the boys did, and some of us girls went to watch. Unfortunately my camera was having issues so all of the pictures of the boys sledding didn't turn out. I did capture this moment, however, of Mara walking Duke. Their relationship has come so far.

Another adventure we had was getting liquid nitrogen from Dad's work. Ben wanted it to burn off some warts....Brennan wanted it so he could dip animal crackers in it and see vapor coming out of his mouth while he ate them. Here they are, both having their fun.

Last, but not least, I have a picture of my latest attempt at craftiness. My mom's Relief Society made these cute nativities that would be perfect to have when little kids are around. Although we don't have any little kids, we also don't have any nativities, so I took the opportunity to make our first one. I was pleased with the finished product.

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