Sunday, April 18, 2010

Look, a Monkey!!!

Have you ever thought that the little person indicating that it is safe to cross the street looks like a monkey? Well, neither have I until Claire exclaimed from the back seat, "Look, a monkey!!!" We could not, for the life of us, find anything else in her view that she might think was a monkey. It gave us a good chuckle, but I think I can the resemblance...

So it was sleepover time again. Ever since the Festival of Colors the girls have been begging for a chance to come spend the night again. We babysat them Thursday night and the majority of our time spent with them was filled with making plans for the next day. There were a lot of plans made and a whole lot to fit in! I think we managed to get to most of them though.

The weather was beautiful so we started off with a Little Ceasar's picnic in the park.
We played at the park after dinner and it was a blast!!
There were no swings left so Libbie decided to squeeze into a baby swing. I thought it would have been pretty entertaining if she had gotten stuck.Underdog time!!

Libbie made up a game to play at the park where Brennan had to hide the football for the rest of us to try to find and then he had to act as a security guard and if we got too close try to chase us off.
Here are the girls hiding their faces in their shirts because they peeked too many times to try to see where Brennan was hiding the football.

We also played a monsters game where Brennan and I were monsters and just tried to catch all the kids. Mallory decided to trade teams, however, and ended up being the best member of ours!! She is so tiny but so quick! She would chase down the older girls and literally tackle them to the ground. It was pretty awesome.
Here she is with a victory over Libbie. She would just hold them in place until Brennan or I could come get them to take them to "jail".

After the park it was time to visit a few pet stores. Despite their disappointment at not being able to buy new fish for us, I think they enjoyed seeing all the animals at the store. They even got to touch a snake!

Somehow they convinced us to take them for ice cream after the pet stores. It was already getting a little late and we still had plenty on our agenda but I just can't say no!! So we all enjoyed kid sized cones at Macey's.
Brain freeze!!!

We whipped out our s'more maker when we got home. Yes, that's a lot of sugar. Shhhh!! Don't tell their parents. It didn't work quite as well as we had hoped. It was kind of slow at cooking the marshmallows and didn't really give them much of a yummy golden brown look but they were still good.


We settled down for a movie and bed after the s'mores. What a fun sleepover with some super cute girls!!!

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