Monday, April 12, 2010

My Easter Epiphany

This post is a little late but we had a wonderful Easter. We got to dye Easter eggs and have egg wars to our hearts' content. It was fabulous. It was Conference weekend, which helped remind us of the real and wonderful meaning behind the holiday. I found myself appreciating the reason for the celebration more than usual this year. Christ came to earth. He lived and He died for me. And now He lives again. Sounds like a perfect reason to celebrate to me. I had a thought earlier in the week and I told myself I was going to blog about it. A bit of an epiphany if you will. Of course now I can't remember what sparked the thought at all but I will share it anyway. I think for the most part I have always thought of the Atonement as something Christ did out of love for our Father in Heaven. He was submitting His will to His Father's and He was doing it out of love. But sometime last week it hit me that He wasn't just doing it out of love for Heavenly Father, but out of love for me and for all of us. No, it's not like I have never realized that the Savior loves me or that He died for us all because of that love. But it just hit me how awesome and unconditional and all-encompassing that love had to be. He must love me A LOT to suffer like He did so that I can repent and gain eternal life. I mean I mess up all the time, and He knew I would but still felt like I was worth it. It's humbling really. Sorry, I know I'm just rambling now and probably not really getting anything across, so to sum it up...I realized this Easter season how much my Savior loves me and because of that realization I appreciate all that He did for me just a little bit more (still not anywhere close to FULLY appreciating or understanding all that He did) than I did before and I have a greater desire to be more like Him.

So...steering away from my tangent...and back to our Easter weekend. Conference was great!! We got to spend a lot of time together and just relax and it was very nice.
All of our wonderfully colored eggs.
Egg wars!! My favorite!! Brennan was merciless and beat be soundly EVERY time.
Mr. Studly sporting his new sunglasses from the Easter bunny and a birthday polo courtesy of my parents.
It's a little late but...Happy Easter!! I hope yours was as enjoyable as ours!

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  1. I enjoyed your post! I actually really needed that nice little Easter message tonight. Thanks! And you're totally not holding your eggs right for the wars! You need to protect it better.