Wednesday, November 23, 2011

getting ready

Well we are just three weeks away from the due date and I feel like we get more and more ready every day. We finally got the vinyl dots on the wall in the baby's room, and in a satisfactory arrangement (which was more difficult than you can imagine, I am hard to please). I love the way the room has turned out and can't wait until there's a little baby to sleep in there.
We also got the blinds hung (thanks to my mom for helping me find the right brackets) and the curtains up (also courtesy of my mom, she made those for us) which help it feel way more cozy.

I also had all of my baby showers within the last week. They were all so much fun and I am so grateful to those who threw them for me and to everyone who came and was so generous! Last week some very sweet girls from my ward threw my first shower. They had a quiz about me for everyone to try to answer. It was pretty tricky, even I missed one! My sister missed one or two as well, and my mom missed three! See, tricky. The food was yummy and the company was great. So many people have such neat talents. It kind of made me ashamed. I got the most adorable homemade bibs, a hand stitched onesie, and a homemade changing pad, just to name a few. They were seriously impressive.
Then last night my mom threw two showers in one for me. First just a few friends from high school came over and we played a little baby shower game and decorated cloth diapers/burp cloths together. A couple of people couldn't make it so there were just a few of us, but it was so nice to have some time with just us as a smaller group. If we had just done the bigger shower I feel like I hardly would have been able to talk to them or spend any time with them. The game was hilarious and the burp cloths will be fun to have. Then my friends stayed and more people came and we had some delicious Cafe Rio/Costa Vida pork salads. My mom had ten bags with white powdery substances in them and we had to try to guess what each one was. And we played a game of matching different types of candy to things about a baby or a mother's life. It was a blast. Crystal also had everyone write down what they thought we should name our baby (since we have yet to decide). It was pretty entertaining. It was a blast. Again so grateful to my mom for all of her planning and to everyone who came and their generosity. We are very blessed to have such kind people in our lives.

Decorating burp cloths:

The crazy girls who helped me out by handing me the presents so I didn't have to bend over so much. :)
So the countdown is on. We are so excited. A little nervous, a little scared of the unknown, but mostly excited. And feeling loads better now that we are feeling a bit more prepared.

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  1. The room turned out very cute. Cute idea with the dots!