Sunday, April 12, 2015


Our holidays are certainly a little different here in Singapore. First and foremost is the fact that it's just us, no family close enough to spend it with. The second problem is that we don't have any of our junk for holiday traditions. Such as....Easter baskets and plastic Easter eggs. But we totally made it work, and it's not like our kids even care at all. 

One o'clock church gave us lots of time to hunt for Easter baskets and have egg wars.

All ready to start hunting.

Checking out Declan's basket. Tatum didn't even care if she found hers, she was totally fine sharing his.

Nothing like M&M's for breakfast.

New sand toys!
M&M's and construction trucks are actually a really great combo. Kept them busy forever.

Time for egg wars!
She thought it was absolutely hilarious when she cracked Brennan's.
I didn't even think Declan was paying attention to the egg wars, but when I asked him if he wanted to do it he nodded and came right over. And he didn't mess around. His first egg war:

We tried to get some cute pictures of the kids all dressed up for Easter. Key word there is try. Declan is not an easy photo subject these days. But somehow, even when I think we get nothing good, when I get them on the computer I can hardly narrow them down. They aren't perfect by any means, but I still think they are stinkin' cute kids.

He HATES when Tatum puts her arm around him, no matter how soft and careful she is.
Ahhh, I love this one.

Time to unleash the crazy.

This seems to be a favorite pose of hers these days. It doesn't always work, but I think in this instance it did. :)

Definitely my favorite picture of the day.

And these next few pictures illustrate Declan's day. He was a bit of a basket case. Starting his day with M&Ms does not do good things for this boy.

I asked him where the dog was. He immediately stopped crying and did this:

Such a faker.

We headed to Church after that wonderful photo shoot where Brennan got to sing a solo! He was pretty nervous but he did great. If it wouldn't embarrass him terribly I would share the audio recording I took of him singing, but I think he would kill me. :) We got to enjoy a delicious Easter dinner with friends after church, plus a quick Easter egg hunt for the kids. And most importantly we watched a great video about Christ and took some time to reflect on Him. On His life, His mission, His death and most importantly His resurrection and all that it means and makes possible in our lives. I know that Christ lives. And because of that, death is not the end. We will live again. What an incredible thing He has done for us.

Happy Easter!


  1. Declan is getting super blonde! Is he in nursery yet? I love the m&ms and construction trucks idea. I think ours might get eaten too fast though. You all look great! I think you should post the video of Brennan singing. :)

  2. I love your Easter pictures! I agree with Wendy...Declan is so blonde! What darling kids you have! Your apartment looks really nice by the way!

  3. Tatum and Declan are totally adorable.