Wednesday, April 29, 2015

thailand: taking it easy at the beach

Saturday was our last full day in Thailand and after a very busy first two days, we decided it would be a great day for relaxing and enjoying the beach. Ao Nang beach was only about a five minute walk away. We heard it wasn't the greatest beach, nothing like what we experienced on the islands but it was certainly convenient. Plus, Tatum had barfed all over our bed right after breakfast (not sure what it was about her and that breakfast) and she was adamant that she did not want to get on a boat again so it seemed like the safest option. Brennan was probably the only one really disappointed with staying. I got a perfect mix of relaxing on the beaching, playing with my kids in the sand, and playing in the water. It was great! The beach was covered in purple shells and Tatum had a hay day collecting them. And Declan, well he isn't much of a beach lover but he seemed happy enough. 

I'm sure it doesn't look like it but Declan actually loves floating on his back with the puddle jumper on. And he always sticks his feet in the air and crosses them. It is one of my favorite things.
Ahhhh. Doesn't that look nice?
Tatum and Brennan buried my legs while Declan took a long, and much needed, nap in the stroller. Brennan was really only helping Tatum so he could dig a hole to bury her in later. :)

She was happy about that for about five seconds. ha!
After awhile even that beach and water lover was feeling tired of it all and wrapped herself up in this towel and talked and sang to herself.

We got another Thai pancake (I ate a disgusting amount of these) on our way back to the hotel and then decided to catch the hotel shuttle to their private beach club just to see what it was all about. It could be quite nice but man alive the bugs were everywhere. And it was the one and only time we didn't have our bug spray with us. We didn't notice any bugs at Ao Nang so I just didn't even think of it. I got eaten alive. At least 20 bug bites have been driving me crazy ever since. But it was quite peaceful and nice.
The hammock was strangely narrow, however.

Our cozy little area on the private beach.
So beautiful!

A storm blew in again cutting our time there short. Because of the bugs, I was totally okay with that. And thankfully they called and had the hotel shuttle come back early so we didn't have to sit around twiddling our thumbs for an extra hour.

Brennan went out in the water with the kids at the beginning but spotted three of these bad boys. Needless to say the kids and I didn't get back in the water. Brennan seemed to enjoy walking around trying to find them and take pictures though. Eek!
Declan hates the shower but he is totally fine playing in the rain. Weirdo.

It really was a cute little club. They had a sand volleyball area, sand toys for kids, games, a restaurant, a private longtail boat you could book, kayaks for rent, just remember your bug spray!
After we got back to the hotel we got cleaned up and headed out for some food and some souvenirs. We were hoping to go to a nice, real restaurant but Declan had other plans. He was far too grumpy so I headed back early with him. Brennan and Tatum bought some street food and brought it back for us. It was delicious! Kind of made me glad Declan was a pill.

We also discovered these mango shakes that last night. And definitely wished we had discovered them our first night. Holy smokes they were good!

Miraculously there was no barfing after breakfast on Sunday. The hotel provided a ride back to the airport (entirely too early) and we made it home safe and sound. Declan even slept for the entire flight! It was probably the best vacation we have ever had. Thank you Thailand!


  1. What a fun vacation!! Oh how nice a beach sounds right now! At least it's warm this week... so that's something :) Crazy you've been in Singapore for 4 months already! But looks like you're enjoying each day!

  2. Holy gorgeous! I've loved reading about your Thailand adventure. There's too much to comment on! Firstly, I LOVE that picture of Tatum on the Ao Nang beach with the flower in her hair. You are getting pretty good with that camera! And secondly you all look super tan and sunkissed. It's not even fair. I'm glad you had a good experience on your trip! I'll refer to your blog when we plan our next trip to South East Asia.... cause you know we frequent that part of the world. :) Way to go with the stair climb. What's up with all that barfing? I hope your knee gets feeling better! Oh and I like Brennan's hair in that first post. Hehe.