Sunday, May 17, 2015

labor day weekend: musical chairs, marina barrage, Singa and friends

We had another long weekend a couple weeks ago. I'm telling you, all these public holidays are the bomb! We kept our adventures pretty low key. On Friday we thought we would go to Istana, which is the house of the President of Singapore and they open it up to the public on a few public holidays every year. Unfortunately, we didn't realize how extremely well attended it would be. The line was crazy long and it was crazy hot. We waited for awhile and then decided to bag it. 

Instead, we headed to the Esplanade for a little picnic and view.

From there we headed to a little fair at the Singapore Flyer. It wasn't all that impressive (this day was really full of a lot of let-downs). But there was a radio station hosting a giant game of musical chairs and Brennan decided to join in on the fun.

The kids were mesmerized. :)
Brennan is right in the center, blue shorts, coral shirt, big dork. :)
I don't actually think anyone wants to watch a video of Brennan playing musical chairs. I don't even want to. I just took a video to show the lovely Chinese pop music we got to listen to the entire time. It didn't get old at all. 

Brennan made it all the way to the final round (the main prize was actually amazing) but then he was knocked out first in that round. What a disappointment!  ;)

We had promised Tatum a splash pad and as we headed that direction a storm rolled in. Par for the course for the day. The storm never really got to us, but they still closed down the main splash pad at Gardens by the Bay. We remembered there were some fountains further down at the Marina Barrage and as luck would have it there is no one monitoring it or closing it for lightening in the distance. It actually worked out for the best because this one was virtually empty and not nearly as large, crazy and scary for the kids as the other one.

Tatum even got to play with her new umbrella. Thanks Grandma!

On Saturday we did our very common tennis and swimming routine. And then we walked to the Downtown East mall to see a performance by Singa and friends (Singa is Singapore's kindness bear).

Declan was equally amazed and frightened by the bears.

The performance was about as cheesy as you would expect. Kind of funny because of all the "Singlish".
They handed us some tickets when we go there for a "meet and greet" afterward. So the kids and I got to go on stage and take a picture haha. Declan would have been just as happy to not have been given that opportunity. He was panicked.

Kind of a random assortment of activites this weekend.  Mostly lots of failed ideas. We are making memories, folks, just making memories.

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  1. It looks like a fun time to me! I'm with Declan those bears do look a little creepy! And I totally watched the video of Brennan playing musical chairs. I only wish you would have Brennan standing where we could see him better.