Wednesday, May 20, 2015

swimming fun

It is really hot in Singapore. And there are three pools at our condo. Need I say more? We spend a lot of time in the water.  I took the camera down quite awhile ago and took some pictures and videos and then never published the post. Now that I finally am, it is pretty inaccurate as to what our time in the water really looks like these days. 

We bought this float for Declan and he was never really a huge fan. His hatred for it got worse and worse until it finally got a hole, saving us all. 

We ordered a puddle jumper for Tatum on Amazon. These things are seriously the greatest invention ever. We had water wings for her but it just wasn't quite enough, her face would dip in the water and she hated it. The puddle jumper totally gave her the ability to gain confidence in the water. In no time the water wings were fine for her and we could use the puddle jumper for Declan. 
Check out that form! :)

These videos are a bit out of order. This first one is from just last week. Tatum has been getting better and better at her "swim lessons" (disguised as playing with dad in the pool). She totally surprised us last week by swimming the width of the pool without floaties! I have never been very good at swimming. I dropped out of swim lessons around level 3. I blamed my ears (they hurt if I go very deep in the water, still do) but I was also kind of just a huge chicken. So I'm happy to think I might be able to avoid passing that on to my children!
These next two are from the day we took the camera out a couple months ago.

When we are down at the pool, I often think that we will never again swim as often as we do right now. There are certain perks to this life.

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