Friday, June 5, 2015

Little India

Monday was Vesak Day, yet another public holiday. :) We took it easy most of the day after dealing with a sick Declan for the better part of a week. He was starting to be back to himself that day though so we headed down to Little India in the afternoon. Our first stop was at Zam Zam for some Indian grub. This was on Arab Street, which is really in Kampong Glam, but it was Indian food. :) We ordered the biryani and the murtabak. Biryani is Brennan's favorite Indian dish and this was my first time trying it. Murtabak was mostly new to us both and is what Zam Zam is most known for.

We were lucky enough to sit upstairs where there was some air conditioning, although it was quite weak. The food was spicy enough to make me sweat so I was grateful to have even the pitiful AC. :)

 He was still a bit 'off'. :)
 The biryani. It was really good! The chicken hidden in the rice was delicious, the rice was so airy and yummy and those curries?! Oh my!
 Zam Zam is there on the left. These restaurants sure try hard to get people to come in and eat. They even have workers just hanging out in the road trying to get cars to stop!
 Walking toward Little India after 'linner'.
 The Sultan Mosque. Unfortunately it is still under construction and because of the confusion from that we couldn't figure out how to get inside. Next time.
 I just liked those colorful HDB buildings.
 Little India

 A temple. I forgot to write down the name but it was Sri 'something'.
 The detail work on these temples is quite remarkable.

We did a little bit of shopping, found some good deals and headed home. It was a pretty short visit to Little India. We will definitely have to go back and explore some more. But after living in quarantine for so long it was great to get out and see a part of Singapore we haven't seen yet!

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