Friday, June 5, 2015

another trip to the Singapore zoo

We have been going to the zoo a lot lately it feels like. I guess that's a good thing. Taking full advantage of the membership and all. I know we already did a pretty extensive post on the zoo here in Singapore but I brought the camera again this last time and there is just too much good stuff not to share. You'll see what I mean. ;) This was only the second time Brennan has been able to go with us and he had just arrived home from India around 7 in the morning. He is a trooper! 

Koalas are a new addition (perhaps temporary? It's unclear to me.) so there is koala stuff everywhere.
 Waiting for the Splash show to start. And this is where the fun began. No wonder Tatum has been dying to go to the zoo with dad. He brings the fun. :)
 He was chosen as a volunteer for this show which meant he got to throw a frisbee to the sea lion.
Please excuse the poor videography.
 Since he wasn't successful he had to dance in front of everyone. Could we be more different? Haha, not in this way.
The koalas were so adorable!

 Sibling love by the kangaroos.
 We took Brennan in the Fragile Forest for his first time. And we had some encounters that were all together too close for my liking. Brennan, on the other hand, got a real kick out of watching me practically pee my pants. A duck flew right over my head from behind, and I kid you not it almost touched my head! And the ginormous bats wouldn't stop flying around! Normally they just hang there eating their fruit. Not today. I'm not sure I'll ever go in the fragile forest again. ;)

We got to get nice and close to the lemurs which the kids loved.

 The splash pad was a huge hit, as usual.
 Brennan even convinced Tatum to sit with him and let the giant bucket dump on them. She loved it! Which will hopefully make future trips a little easier since usually she is scared to death it is going to dump on her when she isn't paying attention. He even forced Declan to sit with them one time. He was not a fan.

 This picture just makes me smile because we look kind of twinsy in our movement.
 And I find this picture hilarious. I don't know why, but I seriously love it.


  1. What a cool Zoo. I agree the last picture of you and Tatum is pretty awesome!

  2. hahaha! First of all, Brennan DWARFS that lady at the splash show! He's not really that tall, is he? She looks like a midget! And second of all, holy dance moves! moon walk?! haha. You must have taught him those, Rachel. That's why he keeps looking back at the camera to make sure he's doing them right. Way to be a good sport Brennan! This made me laugh. A lot. Declan looks bigger than Tatum in the lunch picture and that last picture is awesome. It needs to go on your wall. Or someone's wall. It took me forever to figure out how you did that. If you hadn't included the first picture, I'd have never figured it out. pretty tricky!

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