Monday, August 3, 2015

part 3

Wednesday morning we hung around home. I can't remember if we went swimming, but we probably did. :) After lunch we walked to the train, on our way to Chinatown. Even the train is better with Grandma and Papa. :)
Really though, Declan almost never gets to be free from his stroller on the train. Not the case with these two around. So spoiled!
Shopping in Chinatown.

Three generations shopping together.
Mom feeling hot while we wait for Tatum and Papa to look inside a temple.

Inside the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.
And outside.

The workers at the Buddha Tooth Relic were so so so nice. Almost too nice. :) They loved the kids and gave them candy, crackers. and Buddhist books. It was kind of hilarious.

Mom posing with Buddha.
Dad showing her how it's "supposed" to be done. :)

After we finished shopping in Chinatown we got back on the train headed for Marina Bay Sands. This picture makes me laugh.

This was the best look they got of the merlion. See the little spray of water to the right of dad? That's it. See how mom and Tatum are both looking away? Photographing these four was nearly an impossible task.
Declan was ready to be the hulk and bust out of his stroller.

This snack break was brought to you by Grandma.
And didn't go completely smoothly. But what ever does with kids, right?
Dad, my ever willing photo subject.

Mom, doing what she does best, people watching. hahahaha
Declan checking out his body. Oh dear.

Dinner at Satay by the Bay.
Declan never eats dinner. And when I say never I am not exaggerating at all. So when he voluntarily took this meat on a stick it was a momentous occasion.

After dinner mom and dad walked up to the barrage while the kids played in the second splash pad of the day. They are those two little heads poking out.

Crazy Tatum.
Give Declan a few inches of water and he is good to go.
Point at Grandma and Papa.
Their view of Declan.
We had a bit of a mishap when we headed to the Garden Rhapsody. We lost each other and it was a little stressful and no one was super happy. But everyone seemed to enjoy the show and luckily the moment passed relatively quickly.

At the last minute we decided to try to see the lights and fountains show at MBS. It was a little waiting but we figured since we were already right there we might as well. Declan just about drove us all crazy with his crazy stair climbing and running around the boardwalk.
Somehow we lasted until the show and Brennan got to meet us there after the work dinner he had across the bay. These are rather horrible pictures but the show was pretty cool.

We caught a taxi home at that point. As you can see everyone was good and tired.
Thursday morning brought us to the train yet again, this time we were on our way to the Botanic Gardens.
They had an orchid exhibition that was very beautiful.

Tatum loves to read maps and boss us all around about where to go.
A pretty red dragonfly.
More map reading. And bossing.

The swings were a hit.

A big iguana we saw near the swings.

The rainforest walk. I think this must have been where I got eaten alive. No one else ended up any bites but my legs were covered in them!
We made the trek to the children's gardens. Lucky kids.

We cooled off at the splash pad before heading home.

We walk by this exercise park every time we got to the train. So a lot. And every time Tatum asks if we can stop and play at it. And almost every time I tell her no. My dad stopped at the store for a few things so we let her stop and play. Hopefully that will fulfill her need to play at this park for some time to come haha.

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  1. So awesome that your parents came to visit. I remember the first time my parents came to Iowa (it took them almost 3 years!), I wanted to show them EVERYTHING. Thankfully they were good sports, like your parents. I don't envy that heat though! Your poor mom. :) looks like you get wet a lot, though. Your kids are like little fish! Peter never eats dinner, either.