Saturday, August 1, 2015

grandma and papa come to singapore (part 1 of 4)

It was seriously the best having my parents here with us for a couple of weeks. I'm so grateful to them for suffering through the long flights, the jet lag, the crazy heat, and even crazier kids. We loved our time with them.

Even walking to the train is better with Grandma and Papa.
We got in around midnight Monday night so on Tuesday we just took it easy. We went to the grocery store and went swimming but that was about it. On Wednesday we headed to Arab Street then walked to Little India. It was hot and my wasn't super impressed. :)

In front of the Sultan Mosque. This was the first time I got to see it uncovered since it has been under construction for awhile. It's an impressive building.
Taking a brief break in some AC on our walk to Little India.
Outside a temple in Little India. Unfortunately we got there before it was open but a nice man sitting out front did tell the kids they could climb the steps and ring a bell.

From there we hopped on a train and headed to Orchard Road. We went up to Ion Sky for the view. Unlike the previous events of the day, this one did not disappoint. I had already taken a few photos and then Tatum posed like this and said "mom, take a picture of me!". How could I not?
After we got our fill of the view we headed out in search of Jollibee, a Filipino restaurant chain that my parents' friend from back home told them to try. Unfortunately, they didn't have the dessert she recommended on their menu so we just got some ice cream.

After our treat we met up with Brennan and got some food at the Newton hawker. Everyone seemed pleased with what they ordered from the Thai stand. Then we headed to a musical fireside at the stake center. Unfortunately, Declan was in no mood to be quiet and the lady sitting in front of us was in no mood to be patient. So Brennan and took turns in the hall and then we all just ended up leaving early.

We played games nearly every night, but I think that might have been the night that I fell asleep sitting on the bench at our table in the middle of Skip Bo. Another night I did the same thing during Hand and Foot. I really didn't feel the jet lag much except in those moments, when things slowed down and it was 9 pm or later.

Thursday we headed to the zoo. I think this might have been one of my mom's favorite days and I'm glad. We love the zoo and go often, so it was fun to share one of our regulars with them.

This picture makes me laugh. A lot. My mom is not making that look believable. haha
Waiting for the sea lion show to start. Papa was nice enough to sit in the splash zone with the kids. Mom and I were a few rows back in safety.

The koalas were awake and actually doing something this time so that was cool!

On the tram. Tatum reading the map, she is obsessed.

Our first time seeing the sloth!
Mom closer to a bat than I ever would have thought possible.
Touching a lemur!
At this point the filter on my lens fogged up and I didn't realize it until I looked at the pictures later. Kind of a bummer because it gives everyone a strange glow in all of the pictures.
Cooling off at the splash pad.

Love his face.

Waiting for the bucket to dump.
Here it comes.

My kids' favorite spot at the whole splash pad.

At the Rain Forest Fights Back show.
The elephant show.

We saw some monkeys or baboons or something with disgusting bums. And I took pictures. You're welcome. :)

Orangutans! Right above us!
Dad trying to turn Declan's head for the picture. He just couldn't look away from the orangutans.
So foggy! So frustrating!
They brought this miniature horse over later and had the orangutans hold signs for Singapore's 50th. They didn't take any photos or anything, I'm not at all sure why they were doing it.

It was a fun day at the zoo! Everything is more fun with visitors, it's just the truth.

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