Friday, February 5, 2016


When we landed in Iowa the Christmas season was already well on it's way. Just a few days after we got here was the Branch Christmas party. Tatum and Declan got to see Santa again which they loved.

He seemed perfectly happy at first.
But it didn't take him long to change his mind.
Christmas stories with Grandma.

Making cookies for Santa with dad.
Watching The Muppet Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve.
Let's get a closer look at that boy snuggling with his cousin. :)
We did the traditional reading of the Christmas story and singing carols around the tree. In new pjs of course.

Putting out her note and cookies and carrots. The older she gets the more fun it gets. I love watching her excitement and wonder.
And then it was Christmas morning!

Brennan surprised me and got me a new iphone for Christmas! I can't see I never suspected but for trying to surprise me he did a pretty good job. :)

We took the present opening nice and slow. It was a lovely lazy morning. And we were all spoiled.

Later Brennan caught Tatum dancing and singing by herself in her new Elsa dressed. She was so focused on her act she didn't even notice him watching.
Our camera was having some flash issues that day which was annoying. A lot of our photos didn't turn out at all. I did get this very dark and blurry picture of Caden and Brennan trying out Caden's new kendamas.
These pictures are from the Sunday after Christmas. Tatum told me she wanted to wear her long skirt like me. We ended up in quite matchy outfits so I decided to try to fix our hair the same too. It's the first time I've ever done something like that and it was kind of fun. Tatum was so excited about it!

It was so wonderful to be home for Christmas! It was a brutal time of year to move back weather-wise but to be home for Christmas was just perfect.

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  1. Okay Declan's face in that Christmas Eve pj picture..... to die for. Also, that's a really good looking Santa, especially for a branch Christmas party! He looks like a pro. Your hair is super long Rachel! I love the matching outfits. I always want to do that with Oakley but am afraid people will think it's weird. Truth is most people probably wouldn't even notice.