Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tatum's 4th birthday

Tatum turned 4 just before Christmas. It's kind of hard to believe! She woke up to the traditional birthday morning balloons. I always almost don't blow any up the night before. And then the kids always end up loving them in the morning. 
I know Tatum is the girl of the post, but I mean look at that face!

Who knew balloons were so fun?!
French toast for breakfast, candle and all.

Her birthday fell on a Sunday so I took the opportunity to get some cute photos of her all dressed up.
And some with that pesky handsome brother of hers.


Brennan was at church early for something, I can't remember what. So I tried to get a cute timer photo of me and my girl. One day maybe Declan will be capable of snapping one for us. :)
We went caroling after Church. Luckily Tatum is still young enough to not mind at all. She thought it was a perfectly acceptable way to spend her birthday!


It's not his birthday, so he'll cry if he wants to. :)
Cake time! Sometimes she looks so grown up!

I am so glad Brennan can decorate cakes. I think it's so fun to have fun birthday cakes but that is not a skill I have been blessed with.

Four things I have love about Tatum at 4:

1. She is such a good big sister. Obviously, not all the time but she really is so good to Declan. As long as she isn't in one of her off moods, she is always so willing to help Declan and in turn help me.

2. She loves to laugh. Frequently her laugh is forced and awkwardly hilarious. But her genuine laugh is what I really love. It is the best sound and so contagious. Her real laughter usually comes out when she is slap happy around Declan and being silly or when Rich does anything that could be considered even remotely amusing.

3. She loves to have and be with friends. As it turns out most of my friends have kids around Declan's age. But Tatum totally considers them her friends and is so good with them.

4. I love that Tatum loves to GO. She is always disappointed if we haven't gone anywhere by the end of the day. Sometimes even if we have ("mom, why did we only go to the library today and nowhere else?"). Sometimes it drives me crazy/makes me feel guilty but it really is good for me as I can easily get in the pattern of being a homebody and she helps me remember to get OUT.

Happy Birthday Tatum! We sure do love you and your spitfire personality. Thanks for being so patient as I figure out this whole motherhood thing.

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  1. Boy has Tatum grown up! Wish her and Kate could play! What an incredible year and adventure you had in Singapore! I hope you'll be coming to AZ to visit your sister sometime soon...we'd love to swing over and say hi. The weather is a lot more like Singapore here than in Iowa! Well maybe not the humidity part but the swimming and splash pads etc. Love you guys! -Hayley