Thursday, July 28, 2016

Heritage Days weekend

We headed down to MV for Heritage Days weekend. There's not necessarily a lot to Heritage Days these days but it's a good excuse to spend extra time with family and Tatum would never let us miss "her race". She talks about it pretty much every time we pass the Cornell football field all year long. 

Waiting for the race to start.
I don't know what it is about Rich, but there's something about seeing him that makes Declan do crazy things like this:
It's like he sees a target on Rich's head or something. It's hilarious. And Rich is a seriously good sport.

Rich was nice enough to do Declan's second race with him.
Here comes Tatum. She was quite convinced she tied with another boy for FIRST PLACE. I was too busy to watching her to notice.
I so wish this picture wasn't blurry. :(
These pictures are totally out of order and I really can't be bothered to switch them. Friday afternoon, before the race, we hit up the splash pad in Lisbon.

Back to the Fun Run. Declan did just fine in his race even if he wasn't really running until just over half way. Then suddenly he noticed all the people lined up on one side cheering and it really freaked him out for some reason. By the time he got to me he was whimpering which turned into a cry. Silly boy.

Such a pathetic little sad face all because of a little cheering. :)

Saturday morning was the parade. Clearly it was thrilling. :)

The kids would have gotten plenty of candy in this parade. But my old friend from growing up came by and literally dumped a huge ARMful of candy at their feet. Suddenly they had way more than plenty. Thanks a lot, Grant. :)
Checking out what uptown had to offer, which turned out to be not much.
But the fire department did have their hoses set up for a little game. It proved to provide a lot of entertainment.

Tatum went first and was partners with Rich.
 She soon got left behind. :)
Declan wanted to try. I was a little nervous for him, afraid he wouldn't like it. But he loved it. He did it over and over and over.

Declan got a turn with Brennan. Check out the video to watch him get totally left behind as well. Kind of funny that that always happened when the men were involved. ;) Think they are a little competitive? haha

He was pretty pleased with himself.
They were soaked, but happy.
We ended the weekend with some more Rich clobbering.

Happy Heritage Days! haha

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