Thursday, September 1, 2016

the rest of July

In no particular order here are the rest of our pictures and happenings from July.

Declan bit Tatum and drew blood! It was the weirdest thing. He had never bit before then and hasn't since. They were playing at the park and Tatum started screeching. She tends to overreact when she initially gets hurt. Especially if it was Declan's fault. She gets over it quickly but that initial screaming can be kind of irritating when you are in public and you know she isn't really hurt but sounds like she is dying. So that's pretty much how I reacted to her scream, a little annoyed, definitely not in a hurry. And then she lifted her shirt and showed me where he bit her! I couldn't believe it. Talk about a heartless mom! I'm so glad it hasn't turned into a regular occurrence with him. I have no idea where it came from.
Since we moved into the new house the kids have gotten into the habit of watching a show on the ipad on my bed while I shower. They only get one show a day so I suppose it shouldn't matter to me when it happens but I don't necessarily love this habit I let form. It's a bit too early in the morning for a screen in my opinion. But it does make for some sweet views while I get ready. And now that Tatum has started going to preschool in the morning there isn't any time so I guess it was short lived.
We have had lots of days full of lots of Declan meltdowns. I don't know if it's the age, the baby coming, the lack of a regular routine and naps because of so much summer fun, or what. Probably some sort of deadly combination. I've started taking lots of brief videos of him flipping out just so I can send them to Brennan while he is at work. Isn't that nice of me? ;) I always feel like he can't fully comprehend what a day full of an unhappy Declan is like when I try to describe it to him. I think the videos give him a little glimpse into some of my harder days. 

 After a huge meltdown he just curled up on the kitchen floor. Clearly a tired day.
 One day (and suddenly I feel like maybe I included this on a past blog post. Sorry if I did.) I had no patience for Declan. Zero, zilch, nada. I remember I just sort of lost it on him. We were trying to get somewhere and running late no doubt and I came into the garage to see this. Tatum was helping him put his shoes on and talking in a calm, soothing voice. It gave me two simultaneous thoughts. One was that I could learn a lot from my 4 year old about being more patient. And the second was that she was probably so sweet and patient with him because she totally commiserated with him. She knows what it's like to be at the receiving end of my impatience and harsh words. It was a humbling moment to say the least. Good thing I have kids to help me be a better person.
 Getting creative outside. These kids astound me with their ability to play well together and to imagine and have fun with just about anything.
 We met up with Grandma and the Eskelsens for "thirsty Thursday" at Cold Stone one afternoon.
 And then checked out some pretty impressive Lego impressions at the mall.

 Another day, another trip to Cold Stone. Hahahaha. I'm actually really missing having access to basically as much Cold Stone ice cream as I want this pregnancy. I was lucky enough to have it with my other two pregnancies, but not this time around. :(

 Cow Appreciation Day! Can't say no to free Chick-Fil-A.


 I find myself taking lots of sleeping pictures of Declan lately. Maybe it's the hard days with him contrasted with the sweet, innocent look he has while sleeping that makes me feel like I just want to capture that sweet look. And I love finding him snuggling with things. Usually good ol' Dukey.
 Popsicles with our friend Carly at the park.
 We went to the park to play at the splash pad but the kids were more interested in gathering all the cut grass in the field beside the park. And building this creation. I think it was supposed to be a swimming pool but would never quite hold the water. ;)

 This next picture was taken after we had spent some time with Grandma and Papa and then went our separate ways in our own cars. But then we ended up catching up with them but they turned at the light before noticing us. This was Tatum's genuine, unposed and unsolicited face when they turned. Couldn't resist snapping a picture.
 Then Declan wanted me to take one of him. :)
 My good friend Kassy messaged me one day to see if we wanted a play castle for our yard. Heck yes! We had been looking for a small play structure for awhile so this was perfect.
The kids' reaction to seeing it the first time.

 Another sleeping picture, this time just because of the funny position. Apparently the flash sort of disturbed him though.
 Tatum finally had her 4 year old check up at 4 1/2. She rocked it! She got all of her kindergarten vaccines and hardly shed a tear. But as we sat there waiting for the doctor I sure thought she looked older than she has any business being. Stop growing up!
 We met up with the Hassells at Thomas Park. Playing with Johannes and Acadia is always fun for the kids.

 The kids love doing snapchat with Kelbie and Caden.
 Tatum's poor arm from the tetanus shot. It was red, hot and hard for several days. She ran a bit of a fever and complained of just not feeling well the first day or two. Poor girl.
 Another sleeping picture.
 Tatum started swim lessons at the end of July so I took the kids to the pool her lessons would be at the week before. I was afraid she was going to be super nervous for lessons and hoped that at least being a little familiar with the pool would help. I'm not sure if it did or not but it was a perfect afternoon at the pool. It was a CRAZY hot day so there really was nothing you wanted to do except swim. Grandma, Kelbie and Macy joined us. And swimming when your pregnant is so relaxing. Suddenly you feel so light!

 Tug of war with Papa.
 Followed with burying him in pillows. Because why not?
 My swim lesson buddy. Some days it was hot and boring and painful to sit there for 45 minutes during her lesson. But we made it through, he and I.

 One day her swim lessons were cancelled. Not because it was storming but because a crop duster flew over the pool the night before and dropped its crop dusting stuff in the pool so they had to get all the chlorine levels and whatnot back to what they were supposed to be. Only in Iowa. We headed to the library instead and ended up staying for several hours and watching a juggling show. The kids got to try to juggle with scarves after the show.

Photo bomb by a floral bum.

 More swim lessons. I pretty much had to bring Declan's entire lunch if I didn't want a whiny, difficult to deal with child on my hands.
 Awwww. Love catching these sweet, spontaneous moments between these two.
 Climbing on the front porch.

 Family free night means a million rides on the carousel.
 Children's Museum.
 Playing soccer at a library event.

One final sleeping picture to end the month of July. He abandoned Dukey for the baby this night. I love how his arm is over the baby. And that he is holding a fan in his other hand. Silly boy.


  1. Why can't you eat all the ice cream you want?? I can't believe Declan drew blood on Tatum! Ouch. Oakley is usually the one to coddle Peter after I get really mad at him. It always makes me feel terrible. That play castle is the bomb! I've been looking for something like that but so far no luck. How did you transport it to your house? Great post! Your kids are cute. :)

  2. So excited to see your post. Looks like a fun tiring post it sure made me feel like Collin is more normal. Oh the ups and downs of an2.5 year old ugh. Hope you are surviving the last part of pregnancy.