Saturday, September 3, 2016

Grandpa Rex and Grandma Jennifer

Believe it or not, we had more visitors in August! This turned out to be the summer of visitors and we loved it. I just wish we could have this many visitors every summer.  This time it was Rex and Jennifer, Brennan's dad and stepmom. They drove 18 hours from Utah just to spend about 2.5 days with us and then turn around and do the drive again. That's dedication!

They got in mid morning on Saturday. After giving them a tour of the new house, letting the kids play with them a bit and getting some lunch, we took them out to Wilson's orchard. One of our favorite spots in Iowa.

Tatum's face is priceless. She thought this basket of apples was really heavy.

Declan and Grandpa Rex pretty much spent all their time beating each other up.

This kid just cracks me up.
Iowa really is a pretty place. And the weather was absolutely perfect for a day at the orchard.
Grandpa treated us to apple cider donuts. Yum!

Brennan found this dresser on craigslist for 15 bucks a few days before his parents came. He decided to get it and refinish it with his dad while he was here.
I think the kids convinced Rex and Jennifer to play every game we own.

A few more orchard pictures.

Those clouds, that sky! So beautiful!
Bedtime stories.

More games.
We all headed to Menards on Monday morning for supplies for the dresser. While the guys were productive Jennifer and I found our way to the Halloween aisle and let the kids try on every mask they sell approximately 50 times each.

While they worked on the dresser Jennifer tried to teach me how to french braid. I'm no good at it but she was very patient. These are braids she did in the picture. I've done some practicing since she left and I'm getting much better!
We took them frisbee golfing. It was Jennifer's first time! Unfortunately we only got to play about two holes before a huge group of very intense frisbee-ers kind of took over the whole course.

It's alright, we made the best of it and played spike ball.
Jennifer was nice enough to humor the kids and watch some Thomas the Train episodes from the DVD she spoiled them with.
We really do love having visitors and it's nice to watch my kids develop relationships with loved ones. It had been almost 2 years since we spent significant time with Rex and Jennifer (although we did see them briefly when we were home from Singapore last summer) and we really appreciate them making the effort to come out and see us. It is no small task. Until next time!

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  1. Now I want to go to an apple orchard! We might have to do that this weekend. Visitors are fun, but exhausting too. 18 hours is a long way to drive for only a 2.5 day stay. They must really love you guys. the pictures of the kids at Wilson's are great. You're getting pretty good with that camera!