Thursday, October 6, 2016

bathroom redo

I'm not sure what we were thinking when we decided to try to tackle this project before the baby came. I guess I do...kind of. I figured if we waited until after the baby it would be months and months. And I really kind of hated the look of this bathroom. So we went for it. Everything has taken longer than we thought, we have made a million trips to Menards and Brennan has done like 90% of the work. My dad helped him with the counter top and sink installation. And I did a lot of the white paint on the vanity and the trim work. Unfortunately this project more or less took place during my sorest weeks of pregnancy and I just wasn't much help, except to boss him around. ;) 

This was not a complete gut and redo by any means. More like a little facelift. And please bear in mind that we are so new to this. Pretty much just making it up as we go along and calling my dad a lot. But I'm pretty excited about the results.




I'm kind of sad about how these pictures turned out. I just can't seem to find a good setting for the bathroom. Maybe if Brennan takes better ones when he gets home I'll update this post.

Another attempt with another setting. I think it's worse though. 

So what all did we do? Pretty much as little as possible. :)

The light fixture was horrendous so we thought we would get a new one of those. But then Brennan had the idea of just spray painting the one we had and buying new bulb covers. Brilliant! And totally a money saver.

We painted the vanity and the trim work white.

Installed wainscoting and painted that white.

Painted the walls gray. We had some leftover gray mistinted paint that we had used (mixed with a lot of white) in our living room. We mixed it with a lot less white paint this time.

Installed a new counter, sink and faucet.

Then we got new towel hooks (we still can't decide where to put the last two. One under each canvas? Or clustered a little closer to the shower? If you have an opinion, let me know!) and knobs for the drawers and cupboards (yet to be installed).

And lastly we re-grouted the floor. Ideally we would have replaced the flooring but there just wasn't time for that big of a project. Or rather enough time for me to make up my mind on new flooring. Hahaha.

Eventually we plan to replace the two doors with white ones, but for now we will just live with it the way it is.

Oh man, I almost forgot about the back splash! We didn't originally plan to do one but the stock counter we got ended up being too deep. Oops! Which meant we had to cut off the built in "back splash" the scars of which would need to be covered by something. We were really discouraged by how expensive nice back splashes seemed to be. Then we stumbled upon these little subway tiles at Menards. It ended up being a really affordable addition to the redo and I love back splashes. I also don't think it would have looked very good without it with the gray on the walls being so dark and the counter being dark too. It's nice to divide those with some white. Nice job Brennan!

This is the biggest redo project we have ever done and I think it turned out really well. I think Brennan learned a lot and there is a certain kind of satisfaction in doing this kind of work yourself. Yay for (pretty much) getting it done before the baby arrived!


  1. Yay! Ok this little one can come now :) it looks great. When I have a house eventually you will have to give me decorating advice.

  2. Wow, Rachel, that looks awesome! I love the grey on the walls and the lights over the mirror especially.Great job! xx

  3. Woo Hoo!You guys did it.Now babes can come.