Monday, May 1, 2017


We got back from Texas just in time for Easter weekend. We didn't have a lot of plans but we had a great weekend. Saturday morning was cooler than we anticipated but the kids enjoyed the community egg hunt we went to.

It warmed into the perfect day that afternoon and we spent some time at the park together. I think Brennan was happy to have us around again. :)
 We dyed Easter eggs after the park. It always amazes me how quickly the kids can dye a lot of eggs.

 Emry and I were there too haha.

 Easter morning I tried my hand at sourdough waffles. Yum!
 I think the kids forgot overnight that it was even Easter but after a little reminder they were excited to try to find their hidden baskets. Emry found hers first. haha
 She was pretty excited about it. :)
 She got a book, a sippy cup and some apple rice crisps.

 The kids thought it was hilarious and slightly dangerous that Declan's basket was hidden in the oven. We got right down to reading their new books.
 We were in a bit of a hurry but we tried to grab some pictures before church since you never know how everyone will look by the time church is over.

I loved Tatum's Easter dress and she just looked so grown up with her curled hair.

 Emry's skeptical face haha.

 Declan. Ohhhhhh, Declan. He is working hard on perfecting the pout. And I'm working hard on figuring out how best to mother this child. It ain't easy.

 The older kids both got some candy and their new book and chalk. And then Tatum got a jump rope and Declan got a kite.

 Brennan was my model while I tested settings for yet more pictures after church. I know I'm crazy. But at least I had a good looking model. ;)
 These two kill me. I really love taking pictures of the two of them together.

 A rare photo of the whole family!

The weather was absolutely beautiful on Easter so we got to try out the new jump rope and the new kite.

 Racing dad.
 Starting to wrestle.
 The pout is back.
We couldn't let Easter pass without a few egg wars. We continued to have them for several days following Easter too.
It was a wonderful weekend spent together. I found my thoughts turned to the first Easter even more than usual. I am so grateful for my Savior and that glorious first Easter and all that it makes possible. He lives!

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