Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is there anywhere we can start a fire?

We welcomed the coming of Spring this last weekend by going camping. Yes, there is a distinct possibility that we are suffering from insanity. We didn't really have a plan at all, just camping. We had no destination, nothing. Brennan's brother Callan and his girlfriend Aubrie ended up coming with us, and suddenly we felt very lame for not having any sort of plan. So we drove south to Spanish Fork Canyon but the campsite we wanted to go to was gated off. Then we found a place that was open but unfortunately there were no fire pits, which would make for a extra cold, not to mention food-less, night. I was starting to get stressed, fearing that this would be the worst outing Callan and Aubrie had ever been on and feeling incredibly foolish for not having a better plan. So Brennan called a Parks and Rec number and was talking to a lady about different options. I reminded him to mention that we needed a place where we would be allowed to have a fire. He proceeds to blurt out, "Is there anywhere we can start a fire?!" Maybe it was my high stress level, but I really found this quite hilarious. Hearing my laughter, Brennan modified his question to "Where can we cook a fire?", igniting even more laughter from me. I seriously quoted these two questions for the rest of the trip. His first question just made him sound like a creeper who wanted to start a forest fire somewhere but for some crazy reason was asking for permission. And the second one...well I'm not sure why he would want to cook a fire. But I appreciate him for lightening the mood for me. :)
Here we are at our destination at last. It was cold, but we had a good time. It was actually warmer once the sun went down because the wind finally died down.
Here is Brennan enjoying a s'more after we had foil dinners. All ideas of eating more healthy went out the window on this trip. We had a little bit of dinner and then three desserts. S'mores, banana boats, and peach cobbler.
Here are our happy camping buddies. Callan introduced us all to banana boats. They were very delicious!!

Here I am in the morning. I slept in my jeans with sweatpants over them, two pairs of socks, a tshirt, a sweatshirt, a stocking hat, and then my sleeping bag over my face. It really wasn't bad, but I think I am the only one that would say that. I think I got more sleep than anyone else. Brennan said he kept getting worried about me and would have to check to make sure I was still breathing since I was wrapped up so tight. But I was. :) We woke up in the morning to frost all over the inside of our tent so if we hit the walls at all it was like it was snowing. Unfortunately, all of our firewood also got covered in frost so the boys were unable to get a fire going in the morning. It was SOOOOO cold. So we packed up without making breakfast and just headed home. Not the most exciting camping trip ever, but still more successful than it could have been. I certainly had a blast and it made me excited for lots more camping endeavors to come. In warmer weather of course.

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