Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Brennan!

Brennan turned 23 yesterday. He's getting pretty old. :) Our celebration wasn't anything real great but Brennan took the day off of homework which gave us lots more time to spend together than usual. I thought that was pretty great.

I decided to attempt to be a cute little wife and take treats to Brennan's work for his birthday. I told my mom of my cupcake plans last week and she suggested making some rainbow cupcakes my sister had done recently. I thought it was a cute idea. Little did I know it was making my idea much more complicated. After shooing Brennan out the door in the morning I got to work making rainbow cupcakes, hoping to still make it to my job by 9. Well putting six layers in each cupcake is a little bit time consuming. It took me 20 minutes to do all 6 layers in only 3 cupcakes!! So...I cheated. I started just globbing the colors in, not really worrying about spreading out each layer.
Here is the finished product. Brennan thought I just had some sort of magical rainbow cupcake mix. What does he take me for??

I picked Brennan up after his classes and we went mini-golfing and played some arcade games. Brennan informed me that I was supposed to let the birthday boy win. Oops. :) After my display of awful birthday etiquette we enjoyed a delicious meal at Goodwood. So yummy! My sandwich was HUGE though. Check it out.
I ended up taking some of the chicken off. There was no way I was going to fit that in my mouth!
There's the birthday boy with one of his gifts from my parents, a game called Puerto Rico. It requires at least 3 players so if someone wants to play it with us we wouldn't mind...:)
I hope he managed to have a good day. He certainly deserves it. He works so hard for us, both at school and work. I'm lucky to have him.

Happy Birthday Brennan!


  1. Oh really? Maybe you guys should teach us how to play! :)

  2. Looks like fun! Did you frost those cupcakes? If not, you failed at being a "cute little wife". :) And you forgot to mention you finished off that huge chicken sandwich. :)

  3. Well...I got chocolate frosting but I didn't have time to wait for the cupcakes to cool because I had to get to work. So I just took the frosting and knife. He had to frost his own cupcakes. I suppose that disqualifies me. :( And yes I finished it. I'm disgusting, I know. And now the whole world knows too. Thanks. :)