Monday, March 22, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!

Recently I was talking with my sister Mara about holidays at home. We came to a mutual consensus that in a lot of ways the smaller holidays, like Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's day, were some of our favorites. Our mom would go all out for these holidays. For St. Patrick's day she would always make reuben sandwiches, green jello, and green juice. She also bought paper plates and napkins to match the holiday. For whatever reason we loved this. I think it was because these holidays were for the most part not celebrated or recognized. So we still had to go to school and all that junk, but it was still exciting because she still made it a special day. So pretty much what I'm trying to say is that I have the best mom in the world. :) I'm not nearly as good as her at these things, but on St. Patrick's day we did make reuben sandwiches, green jello, and some very unappetizing green kool-aid. Thanks mom for wonderful traditions for us to carry on!


  1. Yep! I love St. Patrick's Day. Your sandwiches look tasty! What's the green thing on Brennan's plate?