Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Caden on New Year's Eve

I wish I felt like Caden clearly did when that photo was taken. Unfortunately, I don't. I feel tired and extremely extremely lazy. Extremely. There is a slight problem though, I have a whole list of things I NEED to do!! So what do I do? Why, I blog of course, so as to further procrastinate doing the things that actually need to be done. Like the dishes in the kitchen, or the pine needles that have been waiting all week to be vacuumed up, or the kitchen floor that needs to be swept and mopped. Nah, forget all those, let's blog! But wait, I don't even have a decent idea for a post... No worries, I'll just upload tons of random pictures from break. I would apologize in advance for the abundance of photos you are about to view but first of all, almost no one reads this blog so who would I be apologizing to exactly? And second of all, I love it when I can check out new posts on other blogs, especially when pictures are involved. So nope, no apology. Sorry folks.
Jade was certainly a high light of the break. But unlike my visit to Arizona, this time there was some competition for holding her. I was happy to share though.
Check out our bowling form.
He looks like he's having fun, doesn't he? :) We got a beautiful snowfall on Christmas Eve and were able to go sledding at Cornell (photos are of a different sledding adventure). It was the perfect kind of snow and weather for sledding.
All dressed up for Church. Loved that outfit!!
Lots of time spent in the kitchen making yummy food and of course consuming it as well.
Jade all snuggled up against the Iowa winter. It was a rude awakening after spending her entire life in sunny Arizona.

And finally, my favorite picture. Brennan took a picture of me, my dad, Ben, and Mara right after midnight on New Years Eve (or I guess New Year's Day since it was after midnight). Then Mara had this genius idea:
She's a clever girl, that Mara. How creative! ;) And we don't even look like dorks at all...

Well, I think I have sufficiently procrastinated. Time to stop being lazy and get off the couch. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Haha I AM clever! What a great idea. (Well maybe we look a little nerdy) I especially love that Dad is using his pinky! I love all the pictures of Jade!