Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finally...the rest of St. Louis

Remember how we went to St. Louis? Yeah, I almost forgot too. And now that I am finally getting around to finishing the blogs about the trip I figure I better get it all in in one post in case I never get back to it. So it's a long post. Real long.

On Friday we started out by going to the art museum at Forest Park. When we got there we saw this group of people taking turns rolling down the hill in this ball. I thought it looked like tons of fun, but I couldn't convince Brennan to go ask them if he could have a turn. :) Chicken.
The art museum was lots of fun and we were definitely glad we went. Afterward we swung by a local pretzel place that was recommended to us. Not my favorite kind of pretzels, but it was a fun little place. After the pretzels we headed to the City Museum, the only event we had planned before we left for St. Louis.
The museum turned out to be a blast. It probably would have been more fun if we had kids with us, or at least more people. There were lots of groups playing tag throughout the whole thing, which looked like a ton of fun, but you can't exactly play tag with two people. The roof was closed, so we didn't get to go up there to see what it looks like. We were disappointed but at least the rest of the outdoor stuff was open. Here are some pictures. If you are ever in the St. Louis area we would definitely recommend this place.
Brennan on one of the indoor slides.
Okay, climbing around in some of these was really difficult. My legs were so bruised the next day! And I definitely wasn't thinking when I chose what to wear that morning.
The hallway of mirrors.
Brennan in the caves.
Brennan, about to head into the great unknown. I always got freaked out when I couldn't tell where these little slide/tunnels led.
I felt like I was in a sewer.
Outside, about to explore one of the airplanes.
Brennan is the second one from the right.
He's a hamster!
They had an arts and crafts area on the top floor. One of the many times that we got worn out and needed a rest we headed up there and made some clay creations. We got to leave them there to dry and pick them up before we left. I thought it was a fun idea.
The twister all the way on the left was the tallest slide in the building. I think they said it was ten stories high. It was quite a hike up there (that we made twice) and quite a dizzying and slightly painful ride down. Despite those facts, I was still laughing when it spit me out at the bottom. And there were people sitting at the bottom getting their entertainment just by watching people come down. Judging by the way Brennan laughed at me, I'm guessing they stayed pretty entertained.

We were so exhausted by the end of the night. On the weekends the museum turns out all the lights at 9 and you get to explore it in the dark with flashlights. We were determined to stay long enough to see what that was like. By 9:15, when the lights were still on we asked a worker and were told they wouldn't be turning them off until 10. Then we found out that they don't turn them ALL off. We still stayed around, but needless to say it wasn't that cool. We definitely didn't need to stay just for that. BUT a random, cool fact about the museum is that they had a fire pit outside and they provided marshmallows and sticks to do some roasting. Yum!

We finished off our awesome trip to St. Louis with a trip to the temple. It was beautiful! And a great way to end our trip.
And that's a wrap, folks. :)


  1. Looks like that museum was a ton of fun! I didn't know you made clay creations there. We should have gone to that museum when we went to St. Louis way back when!

  2. Yeah that's what I thought. Apparently we considered it (according to dad) but decided against it. That was foolish of us. :)