Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sometime around when Tatum was 1 month old she had a phase where every time she pooped it would be an explosion. She would go 5 to 7 days without pooping and then she would have a real doozy.  It got to the point that all of her clothes were getting poop stains on them and so whenever she pooped we did this:
As soon as we could tell she was working on it we would lay her on a her changing pad and take off her pants and lift her shirt up to her armpits to avoid any stains.  This lasted for a few weeks and then it seemed the phase was gone. She was pooping more regularly and it seemed to be staying in her diaper just fine. And so we let our guard down.  Big mistake.

When we got to Church last week (which is about a 25 min drive for us) I realized that my diaper bag was still sitting on the couch at home. How could I forget the diaper bag?! Who knows, but there was no way we were driving all the way home to get it. I knew I could borrow a nursing cover from someone and a diaper if we needed to, but church is only 3 hours long so as long as she didn't poop we would be fine.  Well Brennan had her during the third hour and he came to get me out of Relief Society. She pooped.  Apparently quite a bit because he was holding her out away from his body.  So I borrowed a diaper and wipes from a friend and off he went.  I saw no signs of leaking so I really wasn't worried. But as I waited and waited for him and he didn't come back I started to wonder.  I found him after Church and this is what little miss Tatum looked like:
That's right.  She got poop all over her dress.  What's even better is that Brennan had to stay after Church for his calling so I was stuck in the foyer with my little orphan child dressed in the jacket from her dress and her tights.  Can you say ghetto? But she sure is proud of herself.


  1. Having no diapers or wipes when you have a baby is pretty much a guarantee you will end up with a very poopy diaper. At least she looks cute, happy, and ghetto.

  2. Babies are so coniving! I swear they know when you are unprepared or when something is inconvenient. Oakley must have secret cameras installed around the house because she knows exactly when to wake up- right when I am crawling into bed or starting to watch my fav movie, etc, etc. But hey I thought that outfit was stunning on Tatum. :)