Wednesday, June 13, 2012

another weekend

Last weekend was North Liberty's Fun Days.  They had the city wide garage sales on Saturday so we headed out hoping to find some treasures.  We really weren't looking for much, just a few baby items that it would be nice to not pay full price for.  This is our second garage sale outing of the year and I think we have decided garage sales are not for us.  We can never find a thing and it just seems like too much work.  Lots of rifling through people's junk hoping to find something worth your time. So our morning was a disappointment.  We planned on heading over to the little carnival in the afternoon. They had a duck chuck we were hoping to watch and Brennan thought he might participate in it. And then there was supposed to be Bingo in the afternoon too so we thought we might play a couple of rounds.  Well there were certainly a lot of rides set up, but almost none of them were running because there was no one there! It was the weirdest thing.  And we couldn't find the duck chuck anywhere (but there were pictures of it in the newspaper the next day).  So we walked around for about 10 minutes and then went home.  The most irritating part about it is that we woke Tatum up from a nap to head over there. Needless to say it was a disappointing afternoon as well.

We headed up to Cedar Rapids that afternoon to run a few errands and then go to the baptism of our friend, Blake.  Brennan was privileged to baptize him and it was a great evening. We haven't seen him since just after Tatum was born so it was nice to catch up.  The talks were great and the refreshments were delicious.  And my parents were there and dad took Tatum during the whole program so just got to sit back and enjoy! :) Congratulations Blake and thanks for letting us share in the occasion with you!
Brennan and Blake in their white clothes beforehand.
Andrea (my looong time friend, and Blake's girlfriend), Blake, me and Brennan.
Blake's confirmation wasn't until Church the next morning so we just headed from the baptism to Mount Vernon and crashed at my parent's house so that we could be at Church in Mount Vernon the next day. Everyone was in yellow. Me, my mom, Caden, Brennan and Tatum.  But I only managed to get a picture of Caden and Tatum matching.
That afternoon we enjoyed the beautiful weather and played some croquet.  I rediscovered the fact that I am the world's worst croquet player.  I was so bad Tatum was wishing she could play in my place. Maybe next year Tatum!

When I uploaded the pictures from my camera I found these. I have no idea what they are from.  Tatum stayed up until pretty close to 11 Saturday night, maybe they are from her and Brennan playing late into the night. Weirdos. :)

Our little champion sitter, waiting outside the Church before the baptism.
And finally, Andrea, this is for you. (Tt was so good to see you! We are so excited you will be living closer. Maybe now we will be able to see you more than a couple of times a year and spend more than an hour at a time with you. :)) The picture my dad took while I was talking.  A big thanks to Jim Gugeler for holding my very grumpy child so we could get a decent picture.
Our weekend might have had a lot of disappointments but the good times far outweighed the bad. 

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  1. I'm with you, Rachel--garage sales are exhausting! Also, Tatum is getting cuter and cuter :)