Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11 months

Tatum turned 11 months old yesterday. I can't believe how close we are getting to 1 year. Too crazy.  I feel like this has been a big month for Tatum.  She is all too quickly changing from a baby to a little person.  It is so fun and I love it.  But at the same time it saddens me to think about how quickly it has all gone by.  She certainly wasn't a little baby for long.  I guess that's to give you motivation to go through labor again right? :)

So what is Tatum up to these days?

-Walking.  Always.  A month ago she had already taken her first steps, but about two weeks ago she decided walking was better than crawling and now she never stays in one place for very long.

-She waves. She has been waving for a long time but now is much more consistent. Almost every time we ask her to say bye-bye she will wave.

-Just recently she has started to "dance" to music. It's just a little bit but it is adorable.

-On Halloween she surprised us by clapping on her own.  She loves for us to sing "If you're happy and you know it" and will often clap along with us.

-She learned to click her tongue a week or two ago and for several days was doing it almost constantly while she walked around.

-She is sleeping through the night!-ish. :)  A few weeks ago I decided she wasn't going to eat during the night anymore.  We were worried it would make for a few sleepless nights but it has gone really smoothly.  She still wakes up once a night and almost always cries long enough that one of us will finally go in.  But we just lay her back down and she will go back to sleep.  I definitely can't complain!

-She does "so big!".  Where when you say "so big" she will lift her arms in the air. Too funny.

-Her favorite thing to play with (besides my phone maybe) is this set of mini (2 in x 2 in) nursery rhyme books my mom got her.  She will carry one as she walks around the house just jabbering. Or she likes to put them inside anything she can fit them in. She LOVES them.

-She kinda-sorta says "hi". She will never do it when we ask her to, but when we are out for a walk or at a store and pass someone she will often lean way over, look at them, and very loudly say "hieeeeeeeeeeeee".  It's worth a chuckle.

I think that about sums it up.  She is a funny girl with lots of energy and we love having her in our family.

And here are some videos showing off some of her latest tricks. A little boring for the average person I am sure, but if you are finding yourself bored today take a look!

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