Wednesday, November 14, 2012

third time's the charm

A couple of months ago I started crocheting again, only this time I wanted to make something other than a small animal/creature. :) So I set out to make a hat for Tatum. I found a very basic pattern and got to work. Apparently I crochet a lot more tightly than the average crochet-er and the hat was way to small for Tatum. I'm no quitter so I tried again. This one was way too big.  I hoped I would be as lucky as Goldilocks and I tried one more time. BINGO! It fits!  And I think it's pretty cute. Now if only I could get the shoes to work that I have been trying for several weeks....


  1. That is adorable!! Wanna show me how to do that?! -Andrea

  2. That's adorable! Of course, I think anything would look cute on Tatum :)

  3. You need to make me one of those. Super cute.