Monday, November 5, 2012


I suppose it's about time to write about our Halloween festivities. First up was our church Halloween party.  There was a cake walk/cake decorating competition that we signed up to make a cake for.  Costumes were encouraged and since it was Tatum's first Halloween we finally stopped being sticks in the mud and came up with some costumes.  Seriously, Brennan and I have never dressed up for Halloween since we met. Until this year that is. Huge milestone for us.  The party was fun and I thought Tatum looked adorable even she didn't really love being in her costume.

Here's the cake we made. Obviously we kind of cheated and just did cupcakes instead.  All I did was bake the cupcakes, Brennan took care of the rest. I thought it turned out cute!
Tatum, the cutest bag of popcorn you've ever seen. :)
The popcorn with the popcorn sellers.

A few more, because she was just that cute.

A few days before Halloween we finally got around to carving our pumpkins, but we did a horrible job of documenting it.

Here's Brennan carving away.
Tatum loves to make messes and get into things so we thought she would have a hay day with the pumpkin guts. Not so much.  She pretty much thought they were disgusting and would hardly touch them.

She looks a little concerned in this photo.
Showing mom her hand.
Being forced to touch the guts.
Not really the best quality and certainly not the most flattering picture of me, but Tatum just peeked around me to look at Brennan with the biggest smile, like she was posing for a picture, and we couldn't pass it up.
Here's Tatum the next day with my finished product.  My least favorite part of carving pumpkins is deciding what to carve. I hate decisions of all kinds.

I didn't get a picture of Brennan's finished product, but it had my name in the mouth. We had a third pumpkin and intentions of carving Brennan's name in it, but we never did get around to it.

Halloween itself was pretty uneventful.  Tatum and I were up the whole night before because she wasn't feeling the greatest. She didn't wear her costume at all that day and we didn't go trick-or-treating. I think next year will be plenty soon enough. She can't eat the candy and we don't need it haha. So we just donned our Halloween orange and passed out candy.
And to cap off our Halloween fun we went to another party this last weekend.  We forced Tatum into her costume again and she didn't seem to mind it so much this time around. It was fun to visit with some friends and eat some yummy food.

Me and Tatum with Chef Gretchen. Andy the sniper is in the background. He loved his costume. ;)
Tatum hanging out with Mama Smurf (aka Kassy).

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween as well!


  1. Her costume turned out super cute!

  2. She looks adorable. Great coordinating costumes. I am impressed. I never dress up, so you are doing great.

  3. Nice cake. I'm sad we didn't get to see it in person. You always give Brennan so much credit for all this creativity but I know you have a part in it too. :)