Friday, December 21, 2012

the birthday bash

Winter decided to hit Iowa on Tatum's birthday. The crazy blizzard and a nasty bug passing through my family kept everyone from coming to the little party we had planned. Of course, Tatum didn't care at all but I couldn't help but be a little disappointed. I had a rainbow theme planned out, with colorful plates and napkins, a rainbow banner, a rainbow cake, we got tons of Cold Stone ice cream, I had a yummy dinner planned complete with rainbow fruit kabobs. Pretty awesome, right? :) But alas, none of it was to be enjoyed by anyone but me, Brennan, and Tatum.

We blew up balloons for Tatum the night before. I honestly didn't think she would really care, but I wanted to make it feel a little more festive. But I was wrong, she totally cared! Usually she is really slow to wake up completely and just wants to be held. But as soon as she saw the balloons she started grunting and trying to get down. I knew it was going to be a good day.
We spent the morning playing together and Skyping with Aunt Mara and Jade, Aunt Stacy and all the kids, and Grandma and Papa. She loves Skype. Then Tatum took a nap while I made her cake.  Once Brennan got home from work she got to open her presents. Then we ate dinner (she was not the biggest fan) and had cake.  She didn't dig in quite like I thought she might, but she did eventually eat some of it.

Without further ado, the pictures:

She emptied the diaper bag and found these crackers and decided to help herself.
 Opening presents.
 Trying out her new puzzles.
 She loved the doll. Here she is giving it a kiss. It pretty much goes everywhere with her now.
 Trying out her new piggy bank.
 See she loves the doll so much she eats its arm. :)
The banner and the cake.
 The cake, pre- and post- frosting.
 Mom and Dad with the birthday girl.

 Time to dig in. She definitely took some convincing.
She was done. :)
Well I had a fun day and I think Tatum did too. I am so glad she is mine. Thanks for spending your birthday with boring old mom and dad, Tatum, we love you!

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  1. Super cute cake and decor. Looks fun, can't believe she is so big.