Thursday, April 11, 2013

a really long Easter post

Easter weekend was a busy one. First it was Brennan's birthday on Friday, then I had a church activity Saturday morning and we had a birthday party to go to Saturday afternoon. Brennan had a test to study for and we were planning on going out to eat Saturday night for his birthday. Add to all that trying to fit in Easter traditions and it felt like a whirlwind. 

Saturday night after we went out to Outback (It was delicious. Tatum was a pill though, next time we are leaving her at home. :)), we got busy dying eggs. We thought it would be fun to include Tatum in this tradition this year but it didn't work out so well. She colored on a couple eggs with crayons but when we tried to get her to put them in the dye she would just take the cup and try to drink it. Luckily we used Kool Aid for dye this year, but still she wasn't exactly 'getting' it. So we sent her to bed partway through. :)

Brennan's looking a bit tired in this picture. Like I said, it was a long weekend.
And I'm looking...I'm not sure how I'm looking, like a weirdo doing a weird pose. :)
Pictures of the two of us together don't seem to happen often these days.
What a guy...playing with fire.
We decided to head to Mt. Vernon Easter morning and go to church with my parents. It was nice but made for a busy morning. We got right to the traditional egg wars when we woke up.

Tatum did seem to grasp the concept of this tradition. She was more than happy to smack her egg against ours. It was pretty cute.

Then of course we all had to find our Easter baskets. I was surprised by how much Tatum loved this part. As you can see we  the Easter Bunny hid hers under her slide. She was pretty thrilled when she found it but instead of grabbing it she just decided to crawl under there with it.

Trying out her new water bottle. Now she doesn't always ask to drink from mine-yay!

Reading her new book, Dear Zoo. I really stressed about what book to get her. I choose to stress about the strangest things. I was quite relieved that she seemed to really like it!
And then there was the Easter dress fiasco. I tried to make her one. I was actually somewhat successful but it is a little large and once I realized that I lost motivation to finish up the last few things. So I grabbed a couple at Target for us to choose between. But I don't know what I was thinking because I grabbed them both in 24 months which she totally isn't in yet so she was drowning in them. Luckily we had a springy colored dress in the closet. It was 9 months but with some leggings underneath I think it worked. I'll do better next time. :)

All of our goods. Brennan surprised me and went way overboard with my Easter basket with tickets to see Mat Kearney when he comes to Iowa City. Once I got over the extra money he spent I was pretty excited!

So all of that happened before 9:30 in the morning. Then we were off to church in Mt. Vernon. After Church mom did a little Easter egg hunt in the yard for the kids. Once again Tatum surprised me with her interest.

And she's off!
Found an egg.
Enjoying her spoils.
We ate a delicious Easter feast and enjoyed time with family. It was a great day and we are grateful for our Savior who died for us and we know He lives again. And because He does, we will too. How wonderful!


  1. Haha that's funny you got the dresses in the wrong size! She looked cute anyway. Looks like a fun Easter!

  2. I thought she looked adorable on Easter! The dress "fiasco" was anything but. ;)