Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tatum's first Easter egg hunt

 The picture is a little blurry, but it still does a pretty good job of showing how cute she is. :) We took her to the local Easter egg hunt the weekend before Easter. Since it is still freezing cold in Iowa, the hunt was moved inside and it was pretty much pure chaos. The gym floor was completely covered in candy and there were tons of people surrounding it. Without any warning they sounded the horn and everyone went nuts. In less than 3 minutes the entire floor was cleared. It was crazy! When all was said and done we were probably only gone from home for 15 minutes. I'm still glad we went. I didn't think Tatum would really get it at all. But she totally got the gist of it. She went around picking up the pieces and putting them in her basket. It is so fun to watch her getting older.

Daddy and Tatum making a game plan.
 She was a little slower than the other kids, but that was fine with us. The last thing we needed was a bunch of candy!
 I love when she stands with her arms behind her back like this.

 Enjoying half of a Reese's. We couldn't deny her the spoils of all her hard work. :)


  1. I love her Easter outfit! That's so darn cute.

  2. Oh man, you and I have very different philosophies on how much candy should be brought home. My future kids will probably be the ones going nuts out there someday, with me completely egging them on! I want more candy at home!! haha ;)