Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brennan's birthday

Brennan had a birthday! He is 26 years old, an old man for sure. He had to work on his big day so I made him a batch of monster cookies and Tatum and I took them to him at work. Tatum was, of course, the big hit in the office. (And you might be noticing that she is wearing her cute little bunny outfit in lots of the pictures I post lately. She may have worn that outfit several times in one week. Couldn't have her wearing an outfit just once! We had to get some use out of it :))

After he got off work he took Tatum to the park while did some dinner preparation.

Then we met my family at the tennis courts and played for a bit since the weather was so nice. It was really great because we have hardly been able to play tennis since Tatum was born but when she has cousins to run around with it's easy. Everyone came back to our place for avocado chicken enchiladas afterward. 

Brennan was pretty spoiled for his birthday. My parents gave him some new clothes, always a hit with Brennan. And the Eskelsens gave him an awesome mini frisbee golf set for the backyard. And Mara got him a helmet. That was to go along with his present from me (a road bike) which, unfortunately, didn't arrive on time. It came the next day and he seems to like it-yay!

Crystal and Rich share an anniversary with Brennan's birthday so I had to capture a picture of them celebrating. After 16 years of marriage I guess this is all the celebrating you do. :)

And we topped the night off with Brennan's favorite, Better Than Anything cake. So I emailed my mom earlier that day asking if she could bring some candles with her because I didn't think we had any and I didn't have a car. There were a few other things I asked for so when she got here she start rattling them all off as she got them out of the bag. I must admit I was only half listening. So a few minutes later when I turned around and saw these giant red candles I was quite confused and asked, "what are these?" She said, "you said you wanted candles!". Check them out.

Yes, knowing she was coming over to celebrate Brennan's birthday, when my mom heard 'candles' she did not think birthday candles. She thought I was doing a fancy/romantic dinner for my whole family and needed some candles to set the mood. Haha. We all got a big kick out of it. And as you can see, we still used the candles. :)

It was a fun day celebrating this guy that we are all lucky to have in our lives. Happy Birthday Brennan!


  1. "You mean these aren't yours??" Is all I can think after reading that. Lol, I love your mother! :)

  2. bahaha - like Whitney, I also thought of a Denice-ism: "Can you imagine seeing in 3D and how scary it would be with THREE PEOPLE coming at you?!?!" hahahahaha